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Hello everyone,

Many people do not know this, but often times television sets are over-priced for what they offer or are sold without sharing all relevant information. Without out the know-how and technical understanding you could get yourself trapped when buying TVs. This includes making sure your TV has the proper updates. The newer smart TVs all run their our proprietary software that will need updating over time. Without those updates smart TVs could cease to run properly.  Another hurdle is having compatible equipment for the features TVs provide. For example, 4K TVs offer superior resolution and quality, but you must have a device capable of producing a 4K image. Without that and the purchase already made, you are trapped.

With that said, the new technology released year after year makes purchasing new TVs a tougher task. I’ll be sharing my knowledge of the industry to help with a more friendly experience when purchasing TVs.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day,

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