LED vs LCD – Which is the Best TV – Battle of the Screens

Demystifying TV Technologies - LED vs LCD - Discovering the Superior Screen

The biggest factor when finding the best product for you is understanding the different techniques that each TV has. In this case, it is LED, and LCD TVs. Below I will go over the basic of each different type and share with you their weaknesses side by side with their strengths. I’m also aiming to … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Get Better Viewing Angle Explained – 2023 Guide

Get Better Viewing Angle

The viewing angle is the maximum angle that allows customers to view the screen well. Different device types and displays have varying visual perspectives due to factors like pixel brightness, current stream through screen components, and overall engineering of how the screens are presented as interfaces. The viewing angle we list is the angle at … Read more

Should I Buy a Refurbished TV? – Upgrade Your Home Theater for Less

Should I Buy a Refurbished TV

Oftentimes people ask me if should I buy a refurbished TV. It’s actually a very simple process that is often overlooked by many people. This is because of how the TV industry works. They want to always be able to sell to the consumer at full price without much of a discount or deal on … Read more