Local Dimming on TVs Explained – Ultimate Guide to Enhancing Your TV Viewing Experience

Local Dimming on TV

Local dimming is a function of L that make the background screen dim when displaying the picture to the user. This cause the black appear deeper and darker on those parts of the screen, which is a great benefit for the peoples who watch the pictures or the videos with darker scenes, like movies, and … Read more

How Much Bigger Is a 65 TV Than a 60 – 2023 General Size Comparison

60-inch Tv or 65-inch - Size difference and comparison

To make your home a happy place, television plays a major role as it is dedicated to entertainment. The TV comes in various sizes and dimensions which one can opt for according to the size of the room. Usually larger sizes of TVs are suitable for large living rooms whereas, for crowded and small rooms, … Read more

TV Motion Rate Explained – Your Guide to Smooth Viewing

Get the Best Viewing Experience - TV Motion Rate Explained

You may want to check out my article on how LCD TVs work to better understand what will be talked about here. Moving on, even with new hardware technologies being released, sometimes they can only do so much to overcome their natural disadvantages. This is where motion interpolation comes into play. By implementing new and … Read more

10 Best TVs for Xbox Series X in 2023 – Upgrade Your Gaming Arsenal

TVs for Xbox Series X

Xbox series X is one of the most powerful gaming consoles on the market, offering flash loading speeds and fancy UIs. If you want to get the most out of your gaming console, it is imperative to pair it up with a fully compatible and advanced gaming display. Thankfully, in 2023, you can find the … Read more

15 Best TVs With Bluetooth Technology 2023 – Get Connected

Best TVs With Bluetooth Technology

With the advancement of technologies to our benefit, our lifestyles are constantly evolving, and there is no doubt that it is for the better. Smart televisions are another product of this ever-evolving technology and lifestyle of ours. They enable us to connect our smartphones with the television and view the content directly on the television … Read more