11 Best 4K Smart TVs For Movies 2023 – Top Picks for Dark Rooms

Discover the top 4K smart TVs for watching movies in stunning detail

When choosing the best TV for watching movies, you should first remember the lighting conditions in your Living room. When you watch movies in a dark room you should usually have a great experience. You will be searching for a TV that is capable of providing dark blacks, has vivid colors and bright highlights, especially … Read more

Should I Buy a Refurbished TV? – Upgrade Your Home Theater for Less

Should I Buy a Refurbished TV

Oftentimes people ask me if should I buy a refurbished TV. It’s actually a very simple process that is often overlooked by many people. This is because of how the TV industry works. They want to always be able to sell to the consumer at full price without much of a discount or deal on … Read more