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What to Do With a Broken TV – 5 Useful Solutions

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Broken TV What to Do

Televisions with broken screens, display issues, or problems with speakers can serve a more important purpose than just collecting dust in the corner of your room. In this article, we are going to talk about what to do with a broken TV and share some ideas with you.

When your television gets broken beyond repair, it is only normal to find a replacement, but what to do with the old one? Throwing it in the trash is not a wise move, especially because it is illegal in most countries, as some models, especially ones with LCD screens, are hazardous to the environment. Today, we are going to provide some solutions for this situation, so read on if you want to find out more.

Broken TV warranty

First Things First

Before you take any action, you should first check the warranty. Even if the TV is broken down beyond repair, you can get a replacement from some manufacturers. That is, of course, if the TV is still under warranty. It is important to mention that if you have a cracked screen or any type of visible dents and scratches on it, it will disqualify the device for a warranty claim.

Some companies will even offer to repair your broken TV, but if it is not possible, they will provide you with a new one. Most manufacturers issue a one-year warranty, so make sure that you have checked the date of the purchase.

In case your warranty is legit and the manufacturer issues a new device, consider buying an extended warranty for it. It will last you up to three years and will grant you more comprehensive coverage than the initial warranty.

Things You Can Do With a Broken TV

In case you do not have a warranty for your TV anymore and want to dispose of it, there are multiple safe solutions to do so. In the section below, you will find some useful hints on what to do with a TV that no longer functions.

Broken TV Repairing

1. Try Repairing It

Unless your TV suffered physical damage that is impossible to mend, it might be repairable. Considering the fact that television is a combination of different electronic components and a display panel, you will be able to replace the parts. However, this depends on what part of the device is damaged.

It is possible to replace the components, such as Power Supply Unit (PSU), backlight inverters, and speakers, very cheaply. On the other hand, if your television has a broken screen, fixing it can be very expensive and difficult. The cost of replacing the TV screen is almost equal to buying a new one in terms of price, so it would be less time-consuming to just buy the new device.

2. Sell Salvageable Parts

When your TV is broken, there are still some salvageable parts that are functional and can be sold. As we previously mentioned, parts such as PSU, main board, and speakers that are in working condition may be valuable to some buyers.

If you know how to dismantle the TV, you can take the parts and sell them individually. There are many people on the internet that are looking for these specific parts, so you can contact them and find the deal that will suit you.

3. Take It to the Recycling Center

If your TV has suffered total damage, you should definitely consider dumping it. However, dumping it in the backyard or giving it to a dump truck is very bad for the environment, and it is illegal in some countries across the globe.

It is because TVs, especially ones with LCD screens, contain innards like neurotoxic mercury, polyvinyl chloride, and lead, which are all hazardous. With that said, disposing of the TV directly in the yard is not a wise decision.

The best option would be to take your damaged television to a nearby recycling center. There are various electronic recycling programs in most states that will take care of your broken TV safely and green-friendly. According to studies, almost 98 percent of TV parts are recyclable, so think about it when you need to dispose of your electronics.

4. Sell It to a Refurbishing Center

Refurbishing Center for broken tvs

One of the best options to dispose of your broken TV is to sell it to a refurbishing center. This center will dismantle your electronics and separate their functional and non-functional parts. Once they are done with it, they combine the functional parts from different TVs and build a new and refurbished TV that comes with a lower price tag.

However, before you go for this option, you must make sure that the TV is actually worth something. There are several things you need to check, and we have listed them in the section below.


Your TV will only be worth to a refurbishing center if you possess a model that is not older than five years.


LCD and LED televisions are worth more than CRT types due to the technology that was used in their manufacturing process. The refurbishing center might not even be interested if you want to sell them an old CRT television.


When selling the broken TV to a refurbishing center, the bigger is indeed better. Larger screens, from 32 inches and above, may give you some extra money than smaller ones when sold. If you have a television that is, for example, 21 inches or smaller, it is probably not worth selling.


Specifications of the television you want to sell are a very important consideration as well. Selling a modern smart TV with high specs will earn you some extra cash and definitely more than what you will get for a more traditional device. Refurbishers will likely avoid buying a TV that lacks HDMI ports or does not support some streaming apps, such as YouTube.

Use Your TV for Aesthetic Purposes

Broken TV DIY ideas

In case your television suffered some damage in the components but looks perfectly fine from the outside, you can use it for some type of aesthetic purpose, for example, a coffee table. Using it like this will not only save you some money but will also give your living room a more artistic look.

If you own a broken CRT TV, you can face the screen upwards and use it as a table. You can do the same with LCD and LED TVs; you will just have to get a leg stand and place your flat-screen television on it.

Another innovative use of your broken CRT TV is to make it an aquarium housing. However, you should first remove all the electronic components from the inside, remove the screen, and then place an aquarium inside. The only thing you should think about beforehand is whether or not the aquarium can fit inside. It will add an unusual and artistic look to your room.

Final Words

As you can see, there are more than a few solutions you can opt for when you want to dispose of your broken TV. Some are very creative, while others will provide you with some extra money which you can use to buy a replacement.

Regardless of the method you opt for, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you should not dispose of it easily. TV components are hazardous and can damage the environment we should strive toward preserving, so do not do anything reckless, and you should be fine.

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