Sony Master Series A9F OLED TV 2023 – Elevate Your Viewing Experience

Sony Master Series A9F OLED TV - Review

The Sony Master Series A9F OLED TV is one of the best OLED TVs on the field and blows away the competition with its excellent picture quality, creative sound system, and enhanced Android TV variant. The screen features the widest range of colors we’ve ever seen, and the per-pixel backlight generates some of the best … Read more

TCL 6-Series 55R617 2023 – 4K HDR TV for Best Price

The best TV to buy under $500 is the TCL 6 Series R617. It has an outstanding overall performance of picture quality with deep black levels, good brightness, strong contrast, and exact color. And can be very bright in both SDR and HDR. This has a wide range of colors and is impressively performing in … Read more

Samsung NU7300 TV 2023 – Experience Stunning Visuals

Samsung NU7300 TV 2023

Samsung NU7300 is the best 4k TV that can be affordable for a good price. The Samsung NU7300 is a decent 4k TV with deep and uniform dark scenes. But when viewed from angles the image appears on the screen degrades. It has a decent picture quality, but it lacks the Smart features. Many advanced … Read more

Samsung NU8000 TV 2023 Review – 4K Smart LED TV

Samsung NU8000 TV

The Samsung NU8000 is the best seller 4K LED Smart TV with an in the year 2019. Samsung updates new technology every year and the TVs get more features and functions. The picture quality and the brightness in the Samsung NU8000 is very good and has HDR support. The Samsung NU8000 has a low input … Read more

Samsung NU6900 TV 2023 Review – HDR UHD LED Smart TV

Sasmung NU6900 Led Smart TV

The Samsung NU6900 is a decent entry-level 4K LCD TV.  It has a great picture quality with a strong native contrast ratio but lacks other more advanced features such as local dimming to enhance image quality. It can’t get very bright and has no wide range of colors, so it can’t deliver better HDR performance. … Read more

Difference Between HDR10 vs HDR10+ vs Dolby Vision – Which is Best?

There are three major HDR models, HDR10, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision, and they have various ways to deal with HDR, each with their very own benefits. When looking for a new TV to buy, you shouldn’t worry about which formats are best, as they all deliver a great experience with advanced equipment. If you want … Read more