Top 12 TVs For A Bright Room 2023 – With Anti Glare Screen

TV For A Bright Room

As a TV fan and someone who works at Gawvi, I know how hard it is to watch TV in a bright room. It’s like trying to see through a sunny window! So, I bought a TV with a special screen that cuts out glare and shows pictures clearly from any angle. Trust me, it’s … Read more

13 Best 24 Inches Television 2023 – Bigger Isn’t Always Better!

Sleek and compact 24-inch television

Twenty-four inches television is a small and compact TV but do not be fooled by its size as it houses all the entertainment you have been longing for. These TVs are famous nowadays primarily for their petite size. This makes them an ideal choice for people living in dorms and apartments who are short of … Read more

What Do Dogs Like to Watch on TV – Your Pet’s Favorites

What Dogs Like to Watch on TV

If you own dogs within your household, you likely had a chance to see them glancing at your TV, tablet, or computer screen. It is likely that this situation had you wondering what is going on in your pet’s head. In today’s article, we are going to ponder the question – what do dogs like … Read more