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What Do Dogs Like to Watch on TV – Your Pet’s Favorites

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What Dogs Like to Watch on TV

If you own dogs within your household, you likely had a chance to see them glancing at your TV, tablet, or computer screen. It is likely that this situation had you wondering what is going on in your pet’s head. In today’s article, we are going to ponder the question – what do dogs like to watch on TV?

Various studies indicate that dogs indeed have preferences when it comes to television content, while other studies claim that it is the sound that actually attracts them to the screens. However, the way they watch the TV is much different from the way their owners do. Today, we are going to dive deep into this subject and explain what exactly happens when our four-legged friends watch TV and what they prefer to watch. There is a lot to cover, so let us begin.

Can Dogs Actually See TV Screens?

What Do Dogs Like to Watch on TV

The first thing that is important to mention regarding this subject is that dogs’ eyes are much different from human eyes, and with that said, they see things on TV differently. Their vision is more blurred, and when it comes to sharpness, it is closer to being 20/75 rather than 20/20, which may explain why they prefer to sit closer to the screens as it helps keep the images sharp.

So, yes, dogs can indeed see the TV screen, and many of them actually enjoy watching. Many things keep dogs engaged when watching television; some are visual, such as motion, while some dogs enjoy the sounds that come from the speakers.

Our pooches also have a different color perception since they have only two types of color-processing cells in their retinas, while humans have three. This means that they can see blues, greens, and yellows.

They also have more rods in their eyes than humans. As you might know already, rods are the cells that increase night vision, meaning that dogs can see very well in the dark, and they are highly sensitive to motion.

Higher motion sensitivity means that they can notice the flickering on screens that have refresh rates up to 75 Hz, while humans do not notice it if the screen’s refresh rate is faster than 55 Hz.

Do Dogs Enjoy Some Specific TV Shows?

What Dogs Like to Watch on TV

Although we cannot tell for sure what is going on in our pets’ heads, we can certainly recognize some of it through their actions. Through this, we can see how they react to different TV programs and see what they like to watch.

If you want to put on a program that your four-legged friend will enjoy, find shows with animals and colors that their eyes can process (blues, greens, and yellows). To put it in more simple terms, a show that has a dog chasing yellow frisbee across the green grass, surrounded by blue skies, would be very entertaining for your pet to watch.

There are actually plenty of television channels with these kinds of shows, and when you find the one that your pet is interested in, try to make it a routine. Binging these shows is a great way to bond with your four-legged friend and make his day enjoyable.

There are also shows that both you and your dog can enjoy, so there is a middle ground for both of you to have fun. Here are some extra suggestions you can try.

1. Music Shows

Some recent studies show that dogs need sound and music to stay on specific frequency ranges to keep them from being startled and agitated. Studies also show that reggae and soft rock are the most relaxing types of music, and classical music often helps them calm down after stressful days.

So if your dog has a rough day and seems stressed, turn the volume on your speakers up, and crack on some Bob Marley or some Mozart symphony, as it will help your best friend calm himself and enjoy.

What Do Dogs Like to Watch on TV

2. Noisy Shows

Watching TV with a dog does not always have to be about enjoyment, but for training as well. Exposing dogs to more challenging situations can do a lot of good for them. That is why you should also play them some shows with loud noises. With just the right amount of this content, we can help them deal with not-so-quiet stuff a lot better.

3. Golf or Football

Given the fact that dogs can see blues, greens, and yellows, they can enjoy sports such as golf or football, as there are plenty of green surfaces that more than make up for their color blindness. There are also balls, which, as we know, dogs absolutely love. Just be careful your pooch does not lunge at the TV.

4. Shows with Landscapes

Dogs absolutely love the great outdoors, and they do want to roam free in huge colored fields for hours. For this reason, the shows and videos with colorful landscapes can be very fun and relaxing for them. Whenever you get a chance, play some YouTube videos with continuous clips of beautiful landscapes, and your four-legged friend will certainly appreciate it.

5. Shows With Tons of Action

Dogs do not have the highest attention span out there, but they do love constant motion and action. Find the shows with high-pitched, squeaky sounds, constant random action, sound effects, and rubber balls, and watch your dog get excited and enjoy himself.

Do All Dogs Enjoy Watching TV?

dogs watching tv

As is the case with humans, not all dogs are the same, and they enjoy different things. While some dogs might enjoy watching television, others may care nothing for it and completely ignore it. This is a perfectly normal thing.

However, if you own a pet that does enjoy this activity, keep in mind that too much of it is not good for anyone. Always make sure to take a break and spend time doing other fun activities too.

Do Dogs Realize the Action on TV Is Not Real?

You may think that your dog believes that the motives on the TV are real, but this is not true, strictly speaking. For example, even though they can see animals or objects on the screens, they cannot smell them, and since smell is one of the dogs’ primary senses, it is one of the most effective ways they can determine whether or not something is real.

You might even notice them sniffing the space around the TV, which is a clear sign of them figuring out whether or not the objects on the screen are actually there. It might seem cute for you to believe they think these things are real, but animals are much smarter than that.

Final Words

When it is all said and done, it is safe to say that dogs, indeed, can see what is on the TV and that they actually have preferences when it comes to television programs. Allowing your four-legged friend to sit beside you and watch TV can be a very entertaining and bonding activity.

Not all dogs are interested in this, and you cannot force them into watching television. However, if you do notice your dog is a fan of this activity, offer him the comfort of his favorite show, and spend some time watching together whenever you get a chance.

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