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Matt Damon and His Passion for Gambling

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Matt Damon is one of those celebrities who is well-known for his gambling habits. Maybe it was a result of his exceptional roles, or he is passionate by nature.

Matt Damon is known for many great roles in even better movies. He is one of those actors who enjoys both acting and leisure activities such as gambling. In fact, he, Ben Affleck, and Leonardo DiCaprio are some of the most famous gamblers in Hollywood, along with Sean Connery. Damon got his gambling inspiration from his roles, especially in the movie “Rounders”. He also discovered that he has a talent for poker and loves winning. That is why we can often see him playing poker.

However, this does not mean that he always wins. On the contrary, Matt Damon is one of those celebrities who have faced huge losses during their gambling activities.

What do we know about Matt Damon’s gambling habits?


We’ve already mentioned the ‘Rounders’ movie, but it’s also worth mentioning the ‘Ocean’s 11’ franchise. That explains a lot about why Matt Damon and his best friend Ben Affleck love to gamble. Damon says he’s not into the concept of leaving too much money in a casino, but he still loves playing poker.

The owners of the casinos used to say that he is one of the kindest people in Hollywood. We have to admit that we rarely hear anything like that, especially when the habits involve gambling or other vices.

One of the examples is his game from 2009 when he donated the winnings to charity. He and 137 other Hollywood stars played against the world’s best gamblers, and all winnings from the event known as Ante Up for Africa were donated to charity.

Another example is his casino poker in Canada, from 1998. Then he lost $25,000 to an experienced poker player. However, there are no other significant losses in Damon’s gambling career.

Does Matt Damon love online gambling?

This is a question we don’t have an answer for. But, being aware of his enthusiasm, we are sure he has a favorite online casino like, enjoying all the benefits of gambling at home.

Matt Damon took part in one of the tensest poker scenes in movie history


A role in the movie “Rounders” revealed to him a talent he didn’t know he had until then. This American drama “Rounders” was released in 1998. During the filming of this movie, Matt Damon discovers his passion for poker. That’s how he became a passionate player. Also, in this movie, you can see one of the most-tense gambling scenes in all the movies.

The actor was so fascinated by the game of poker that he took lessons from professionals and visited casinos to master the skills of poker as well as possible. Many say that he was practicing with the biggest names in the world of casinos and gambling.

His friend Ben Affleck is an avid player too, so they often played poker games together. Matt Damon’s favorite game is Texas Hold’em poker, and he often plays with his friends at private parties or charity events.

But, let’s get back to the movie scene.

“Rounders” is set in New York, and the story revolves around the Russian mobster Teddy, played by John Malkovich, and Mike McDermott, played by Matt Damon. Since we’re talking about the tensest poker scenes in movies, there are several scenes in the movie “Rounders” that will take your breath away, but the following one stands out.

A scene worth mentioning shows the following. A game of Texas Hold ’em is in progress. Mike bravely sat down across from Teddy and started a high-stakes, no-limit hand. During the game, Teddy takes out a biscuit and slowly nibbles on a cookie while Mike tries to understand the meaning of this action! Will he lose or win and is his analysis of the opponent correct in this case as well?

If you’ve watched the movie, you probably remember this scene too.

Even though in the 90s casinos were much different, this movie scene is still iconic.

What are the other celebrities who love gambling?


As we have said so far, Matt Damon is one of the biggest enthusiasts who have participated in major gambling tournaments. Of course, he is not addicted to gambling, but he enjoys playing games of chance.

One of the popular ladies who love poker is Paris Hilton. She is a frequent guest in Las Vegas. Sometimes he gambles at online casinos, and he does it really skillfully. She once managed to win $30,000, which just tells us that she is in control of her gambling activities.

Another famous actor who often gambles is Brad Pitt. He got inspiration from the movie “Ocean’s 11” as his colleagues did too. Brad loves poker and blackjack, but his favorite is slot machines.

Of course, we believe you expect to see George Clooney on this list as well. He is known as a celebrity gambler and has played many games and won big so far. At one point he decided to build a casino in Las Vegas, but that project never came to fruition.

Also, we don’t want to miss Ben Affleck, who is a real-life friend of Matt Damon. They often play poker together, but mostly in private. Ben had bigger gambling issues compared to Matt, but it seems he deals with them nicely.


Gambling is an activity that attracts many players from various industries in the world. Neither enthusiasts, ordinary people, nor popular personalities can resist that excitement. Matt Damon is an example of how you can enjoy your hobby, without creating additional problems in life with the people around you.

Of course, we must also say that everyone should follow his example. The principles of responsible gambling apply to all people and therefore we must not neglect them at any time.

People enjoy different things, but they also take an example from their idols. We can say that gambling may not be your favorite choice of leisure activity, but you can enjoy online casinos and not risk losing a lot of money.

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