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How Much Does a 65 Inch TV Weigh and How Wide Is It – In-depth Specs

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65 Inch TV Weigh

If you plan to upgrade your TV size in the future, you should be aware of the fact that bigger is not just better in this case, but it is also heavier. In today’s article, we are going to talk about how much does a 65 inch TV weigh and how wide it is.

Knowing the exact dimensions and weight of the TV is crucial since you will know how to mount it, where to place it, and, ultimately, how good the viewing experience will be. The weight and size of a 65-inch television usually vary depending on the manufacturer and brand. However, there is a middle ground to at least have an idea of how much space you will require for it. There is a lot to cover regarding this topic, so read on to find out more.

Which Companies Sell 65-Inch TVs, and How Much Do They Weigh?

With the rapid development of technology, nowadays, you can find countless alternatives in terms of 65-inch TVs, their operating systems, picture quality, smart features, etc. Before we moved on to LED and OLED technology, TVs were rather difficult to move when they first arrived; thus, it is natural for people to wonder how much the new television they want to buy weighs, especially the bigger models.

Today’s manufacturers make their products as light as possible, even those huge 65-inch televisions. On average, these models weigh approximately 70 pounds, depending on the brand and model. The weight also varies depending on whether it has an ultra-HD panel or not.

These panels add some weight, making the TVs with them heavier than regular high-definition LCD panels. There are numerous companies that produce 60+ inch television models, and among more prominent names, we have LG, Samsung, Roku, Sony, Panasonic, Amazon, Hisense, Toshiba, TCL, Philips, Toshiba, etc.

65-Inch TV Size

TV Size 65 inches

Whenever you decide to purchase a new TV, its size is one of the determining factors on whether or not you will buy it. However, since you measure screen size diagonally, you must know that 65 inches do not mean you are getting 65 inches of viewing space.

Instead, you will get 1.881 square inches of screen area from a TV that is about 57 inches by 33 inches. For example, the Samsung Q90 65-inch television model measures approx 36.3 inches tall by 57.1 inches in width. It is important to note that the height includes the stand, and the actual height without it is about 32.7 inches.

When everything is said and done, it is safe to say that these TVs are pretty big and require you to reserve some extra space to put them on the stand or wall mount them. However, they provide an amazing viewing experience and are definitely worth the hassle.

Does the Weight of the TV Affect the Type of Mount I Need?

65 inch tv mount

The shorter and simpler answer to this question is yes. The weight and size always affect which mount will allow you to securely mount your TV without risking any type of mishap. The great news is that you do not need to have some special know-how to figure out what type of mount you need.

In fact, the instruction manual that comes with your television usually contains information about the size of the mount you need. Most wall mounts can reliably hold more than double the weight of the TV. Larger mounts can hold between 100 and 200 lbs, which is more than enough for 65-inch television models.

However, weight is not the only determining factor when making a choice for the wall mount that will work for your TV. You are also required to attend to the measurements between the mount holes on the back of the television, which is also known as the VESA pattern. Again, this is another thing that you can find in the instruction manual.

Field of View for a 65-Inch Television

65-Inch TVs

The field of view refers to your viewing angle or the angle between your eyes and the edges of the television. This field depends on how far away you are from the screen. The closer you are, the greater the viewing angle is.

The recommended fields of view for watching TV are 30 and 40 degrees. If you sit further back and get a field of view of 20 degrees, you will have difficulties concentrating and focusing on watching. Moreover, the further you sit, the quicker your eyes will get tired.

Experts generally recommend the 30-degree viewing angle for the best watching experience, but if you want to immerse yourself even more, you can sit a bit closer to the TV and get the 40-degree field of view, which is similar to the cinema viewing experience.

However, it is important to note that not all rooms and situations meet the conditions for you to watch the TV at eye level. For example, if you are mounting the television high on the wall to watch it while sitting in a chair or lying on the bed, the recommended distance from the TV would be about 9 feet.

Why Placing the 65-Inch TV Too Close Is a Bad Idea

65-Inch TV guide

If the distance between such a big TV and you is not proper, your eyes will begin to tire quickly, and your vision will likely start to deteriorate over time if you are watching the TV too close frequently.

When watching the big television from a short distance, your eyes become strained since you constantly move them from one part of the screen to another and cannot capture the whole picture.

The appropriate distance should be enough to make you see the image fully without forcing your eyes to move a lot and overstress. If you are placing your television in some way that does not allow you to keep the screen at eye level, it is essential to estimate your field of view and the preferable distance.

How Much Does a 65-Inch TV Cost?

purchasing 65-inch tv guide

Prices of these TVs vary depending on the brand, technology used in the manufacturing process, and other features. Also, the models with higher resolutions will come with higher price tags.

Larger TV models, such as 65-inch ones, usually start at the price of 600 USD, but these usually do not possess some special features. On the other hand, smart TVs with various features, high resolutions, and smart technology will easily cost 1.000 USD or higher.

To get the best value for your money’s worth when purchasing a 65-inch television, you should first check the features of the model you want to buy and determine which ones you absolutely must have and the ones you can live without.

Final Words

The 65-inch TV’s weight likely will not play a major role in your buying decision. However, some people value the lightweight, especially if they want to do the installation and mounting on their own, so it is a factor that you should keep in mind.

On the other hand, the dimensions of the TV should be a very important consideration, as you need to predetermine where you will place it. If you plan to buy this type of television in the near future, make sure to re-read our article and ponder on important questions and answers we have provided today, and you will certainly make the right shopping choice.

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