12 Best Powered Speaker for Keyboard 2023 – Synths & Digital Pianos

The best-powered speaker for the keyboard is a device that has gone a long way over the course of years. When they first appeared on the market, they were not on the quality level as they are nowadays. In today’s market, you can find excellent speakers for keyboards that are suitable for both starters and experts.

However, selecting the right one is not an easy task since the market is packed with various models from different manufacturers. With that said, picking the proper speakers is not impossible, and we are here to assist you in this endeavor.

We made a list of some of the finest powered speakers for keyboards you can find. There will be something for different needs and budget limitations, so without further redo, let us get into it.

List of Best Powered Speakers for Keyboards

1. Electro-Voice ZXA1-90 Powered PA Speaker Black

Electro-Voice ZXA1-90 Powered PA Speaker Black

Coming from the Electro-Voice store, this is a powerful speaker with an advertised frequency response of 45 Hz to 20 kHz and a power handling capacity of 800 watts continuous program or 100 watts peak program output. This is a compact, amplified loudspeaker system that is definitely worth considering when browsing speakers for keyboards.

This unit is excellent for live piano performances since it can handle volume levels as high as 123 dB without distortion. Moreover, this product comes with mounting hardware so that you can also use it in your studio on a mic stand if it is needed.

This unit is suitable for any digital piano with an 18 dB attenuation switch. It is also very lightweight and easy to move from place to place, which is a great piece of news for anyone that is touring or often plays in different locations. It is an excellent piece of hardware that you should certainly check out.

  • Excellent sound with superb coverage
  • Simple installation
  • It can be used with a subwoofer with a selectable high-pass filter
  • 800 watts of power
  • Excessive use can overheat the speakers


2. Edifier S2000MKIII

Edifier S2000MKIII

The Edifier S2000MKIII is a quality unit that has been considerably upgraded and tuned. The flat diaphragm tweeter and 5.5” aluminum alloy woofer unit in this speaker were excellently designed, and apart from the great performance it offers, it is also visually appealing.

This unit boasts the front panel that has been flattened, and the color is also changed to give the speakers a more sturdy and mature look. Its style is very similar to the S3000 Pro, which is one of the most exclusive models in the entire S series. There are also some nice additions, such as rubber-padded brass feet, that are great if you plan to keep the speaker on a desk.

Edifier S2000MKIII are ideal speakers for a 2.0 sound system and have a significantly improved treble. The relationship between the mid and high-frequency is dramatically improved, and overall sound quality is very good and a great equipment addition for any audiophile.

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Good deliverance
  • Responsive controls
  • Affordable
  • Bulky


3. Yamaha DBR Series DBR15 Powered Speaker

Yamaha DBR Series DBR15 Powered Speaker

Coming from the Yamaha store, these powered speakers are an excellent pick for a keyboard and have plenty of cool features. This unit produces up to 1000 watts which grants it an output of 132 dB with exceptional clarity and overall sound quality.

DBR15 has high-power woofers that allow you to enjoy powerful bass alongside mid-range and high frequencies with minimal to no distortion. You will also find two input channels that support XLR and TRS. Channel two also supports an RCA pin jack which is great for CD players and other stereo line-level sources.

When it comes to durability, this speaker is constructed using durable plastic that is facilitated with a steel grille, which ensures that the woofer and other built-in components get protected from any type of physical damage. In addition, they weigh a mere 42.6 lb and have an ergonomic handle, making transportation and storage a lot easier.

  • Beautifully designed
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight and easy to transportation
  • EQ might be tricky to set up


4. QSC K12.2 Active 12″ Powered 2000 Watt Loudspeaker

QSC K12.2 Active 12" Powered 2000 Watt Loudspeaker

With their elegant design, superior performance, and great functionality, these speakers are easily one of the best on the market, especially for keyboards. Moreover, they provide the type of sound amplification that every professional live performer looks to have in a speaker.

QSC K12.2 is a unit that provides 2000 watts of power and is able to hit a maximum output of 132 dB due to its patented intrinsic correction tuning. In addition, this unit comes with multiple presets and some loudspeaker functions such as monitor, live, dance, live bright, bass amp, EQ, crossover, delay, etc.

As far as connectivity goes, the QSC K12.2 offers two balanced combos XLR female and ¼-inch TRS connectors. Overall, these are top-of-the-line speakers for keyboard pianos, and they are a perfect choice for musicians, bands, DJs, and all audiophiles that appreciate quality sound.

  • Excellent set of features, including presets and correction tuning
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Several mounting options
  • Impact resistant
  • ABS enclosure
  • Some users reported sound clipping


5. YAMAHA HS8 Studio Monitor, Black, 8 Inch

YAMAHA HS8 Studio Monitor, Black, 8 Inch

The Yamaha HS8 is a studio monitor that is one of the finest on our list as it is the latest in a long line of top-notch legendary NS10s. They are by far the best bass-reflex bi-amplified nearfield active powered speakers. Compared to its smaller counterparts, such as HS5, these are relatively large and offer a power output of 120W.

This a very quality and durable product. The body of the speaker is made of a dense MDF board, which not only increases durability and longevity but also minimizes resonance. There are also several quality features, such as a three-way mitered junction, which helps you reduce resonance even more.

Moreover, this model is very well-known for its outstanding sound quality. The distinction between lows and highs is top-notch in quality. The low end has a satisfying thump and handles the bass very well, while the highs and mids are also mighty impressive.

  • Noise reduction
  • Less power consumption
  • Room control
  • High trim feature
  • Excellent lows and highs
  • Less than ideal mid-range emphasis when compared to similar monitors


6. Donner Electric Drum AMP 35-Watt Keyboard Speaker with Aux

Donner Electric Drum AMP 35-Watt Keyboard Speaker with Aux

Coming from the Donner store, this reliable keyboard speaker is packed with various features that will make your live performances much smoother and clearer. It comes with a 4-ohm impedance that is designed to produce a deep tone with straightforward settings.

This speaker also features 14-inch audio output, which you can use to connect to other speakers using an audio cable. It is a great unit for band rehearsals and street performances, and this model’s frequency response is 20 Hz to 20 kHz, making it easy to connect to pretty much any keyboard.

You also get a headphone jack output, which will allow you silent practice. This is particularly useful when you do not want to disturb anyone in the room or when you live in an apartment and do not want to get too loud. Overall, it is a quality and reliable unit that also comes for a fair price.

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Reliable and durable
  • 2 speaker system
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Aux connection
  • Manual is not included


7. Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker System

Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker System

The Bose S1 Pro is a PA system that is ultra-lightweight but very powerful. It weighs a mere 13 pounds and features a 6-inch woofer and 160 watts of RMS power which is quite impressive for such a small unit. However, this product is not intended for big live performances, although it will do pretty well for band rehearsals and relatively small events.

Despite all of that, the Bose S1 Pro offers exceptional sound quality and can also double as a keyboard amp for home rehearsals. The mixer also grants you three channels, while two of them have independent analog volume, bass, treble, and reverb controls for some extra user-friendliness.

Although the price may seem a bit high for the size of these speakers, they offer a specific set of features that makes investing in this unit a wise choice. Bose is revered for its sound quality, and S1 is no different in that regard. It is a great option for home use, street performers, and small events.

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Perfect for home use and small events
  • Impressive sound for the unit’s size
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Limited frequency due to the size


8. LyxPro SPA-8-8″ Compact Portable PA System

LyxPro SPA-8-8_ Compact Portable PA System

LyxPro SPA-8 speaker is an excellent choice for everyone that looks for some quality features wrapped in an inexpensive little package. It features an auxiliary input, meaning that you will be able to plug it into your computer or iPad as well.

This unit is a great pick for those who use their digital piano to play along with an external player. It has stereo RCA outputs, enabling you to plug it into your amp or studio mixer and enjoy the music on a very high level. The sound is richer than you would expect from a unit that is so affordable.

This portable PA system rings loud and clear at 106 dB and is also a great pickup for musicians that live in an apartment or are often on the road. The EQ and volume of your piano and this speaker are easily adjustable, so the user-friendliness is also on a very high level.

  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Cost-efficient
  • Easy to transport due to its compact size
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Lacks bass


9. PRORECK Party 15 Portable 15-Inch 2000 Watt 2-Way Powered PA Speaker

PRORECK Party 15 Portable 15-Inch 2000 Watt 2-Way Powered PA Speaker

The Proreck Party 15 is a portable and powerful unit that wonderfully pairs with a digital piano. It comes with a built-in microphone and playback control on the front panel. You also get aux line inputs and headphone output jacks, alongside an FM radio function.

Not only this unit sounds amazing, but it also has a wide variety of features to offer, such as a built-in microphone and playback control on the front panel. The sound quality turned out to be rich and powerful, and there are multiple connectivity options so that you can enjoy the sound using various devices.

The Proreck Party 15 is a speaker that is hard to beat in terms of quality/price ratio. It offers multiple features that you would expect to get for a higher-priced speaker, and the overall value is truly outstanding.

  • Portable
  • An excellent companion for a digital piano
  • Affordable
  • Built-in microphone
  • The LED lights are fairly worthless unless your volume is way up




The Soundboks 2 is a very loud and powerful speaker for a digital piano SB store, and it delivers 122 dB output. It boasts a sturdy and durable design that is built to stand the test of time and take quite a lot of beating without taking physical damage.

With a weight of 33 pounds and handles on both sides, you will be able to transport this speaker effortlessly. There are also indoor and outdoor modes you can switch, and without this adjustment, the speaker would be too loud for indoor use. In terms of volume, this unit is far from your ordinary and is capable of providing very loud sounds.

As far as the connectivity goes, this speaker has Bluetooth 5.0, which means a stable connection and a longer range. Unlike previous Soundboks versions, this one allows wireless daisy-chaining thanks to its new proprietary SKAA network. It is a great unit for keyboard use and is definitely worth the price.

  • Elegant design
  • Strong battery feedback
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Indoor and outdoor modes
  • No EQ


11. Behringer Eurolive B205D Powered Monitor Speaker

Behringer Eurolive B205D Powered Monitor Speaker

Behringer is a company well-known for making top-of-the-line powered speakers for pianos, and Eurolive B205D is a model that is not different. It comes with various mounting options due to its compact size. You can even mount it on a microphone stand.

However, do not let the small size of this speaker fool you, as it is incredibly loud and powerful. Although it lacks deep bass, this unit produces clear and high-quality sound for a wide variety of applications, such as home recording, piano lessons, or press conferences.

This is a beautifully designed and compact speaker that provides superb value in terms of reliability. It is also cost-efficient, and it is not likely that you will get such quality for the same price. In addition, it can be utilized as a PA sound system, and two devices can be used together to create stereo playback.

  • Excellent price
  • Clear sound
  • Easy to transport
  • Less power consumption
  • It lacks deep bass




Coolmusic DK-35 is a quality speaker for the keyboard, although it might seem weird to you visually at first sight due to its unusual shape. However, this shape is there for a reason and is designed to ensure good drop resistance. It is a great unit that has both a keyboard amplifier and active monitor speakers, specially made for keyboards.

In addition, this is a low-cost amp, which means that you should not expect the sound of multi-thousand dollar units, but it is a great choice for anyone that is looking to improve their keyboard and piano skills. Since this speaker is a limited production, it is confined to a single application.

Moreover, this is a well-made speaker that has a tough appearance, but the carrying handle seems inadequate. It is a minor drawback since the speaker is built of heavy-duty fiberboard, and this design is really appealing. There are also protectors at the corners that are another contributor to the increased longevity of this unit. It is an inexpensive pick and offers great features for such a low cost.

  • Strong build
  • Excellent pairing with keyboards
  • Inexpensive
  • Great for small venues and gigs
  • Active monitor speakers specifically made for keyboard
  • Distortion issues at high volumes
  • Not suitable for larger gigs


Things to Consider Before Purchasing Powered Speaker for Keyboard

Powered Speaker for Keyboard

This concludes our list of the best-powered speakers, and since they come in various shapes and forms, it is crucial to know all the features that make a quality product. In order to help you make the right choice and get the best value for your money’s worth, we have put together a brief list of guidelines you should follow when browsing for keyboard speakers.


When it comes to speakers for keyboards, it is highly important to look for a product that is compact and lightweight. Carrying a big and heavy speaker is not practical and can be a huge hassle and would slow you down a lot.

However, if you need a speaker for larger venues and big gigs, you will need a more powerful speaker. When it comes to speakers, bigger usually means more power, so make sure to consider the intended use for this product before spending any money.


Some speaker models come with built-in equalizers and mixers, while others do not. If you are playing live, a simple speaker with basic controls will work for you just fine. However, if you require some more advanced options for your needs, look for speakers with full-range equalization and a mixer.


If you often go touring and need to be on the road a lot when playing, it is essential to purchase a speaker that is portable. Look for speakers that are light and compact so that you can move them from place to place without any issues.

Powered Speaker for digital piano


The speaker’s design plays a huge role in this. Eliminating audible resonance becomes almost impossible if the design is not on the level it should be. When this happens, some pitches will likely sound louder than others, which reduces the clarity of the generated sound.

Sound Performance

The sound performance is more important than anything else you might need from a powered speaker for the keyboard. The subjective nature of sound quality varies from person to person, and it is mainly due to the fact that everyone’s taste is different. Make sure to test the speaker so that you can determine whether the sound performance suits you or not.

Frequency Range

Some speaker models sound better when positioned near or against the wall, while others may sound even better if you provide them with enough space. In order to get the best results, pair your speakers with a quality amplifier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Powered Speaker for digital piano

1. Do I need speakers for a digital piano?

Although many digital pianos come with one or two built-in speakers, you will require speakers with a smooth response and clear sound to get excellent output quality and powerful performance, especially if you plan to play gigs at bigger venues.

2. How to connect a keyboard to an amplifier?

In most cases, a standard 6.3 mono jack will be enough for this connection. Simply plug one end into the mono output of your keyboard or piano and the other end into a mono input of your mixer or amplifier.

3. Can I use a guitar amp for a digital piano?

Generally, guitar amps can be used for a digital piano. Guitar amps are a somewhat cheaper solution than powered speakers. Since effects will detract from the piano’s tone, it is best to utilize a simple amplifier without effects.

4. Do I need a preamp for a keyboard?

Preamps are not strictly necessary in case your keyboard creates a line-in signal. Preamps amplify weaker mic-level signals so they can be output as stronger line-level signals.

Final Words

Investing in the best-powered speaker for the keyboard is a very smart decision, especially if you want to play live on big stages. This investment will change the way your keyboard or digital piano sounds and take your sound output to the next level.

We hope you enjoyed our guide and that you liked the picks we have provided for you. In case you are still uncertain about which speaker to pick, revisit the top three picks from our list, as all of them provide plenty of cool features and grant an excellent price/value ratio.