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12 Best Powered Speaker for Keyboard 2024 – Synths & Digital Pianos

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top rated Powered Speaker for Keyboard

I’ve come a long way in my search for the best-powered speaker for my keyboard. Over the years, these devices have significantly improved in quality, and today’s market offers excellent options suitable for both beginners and experts like me.

Choosing the right speaker is not an easy task, given the plethora of models from various manufacturers available in the market. But fear not, I am here to help you in this endeavor.

I have compiled a personalized list of some of the finest powered speakers for keyboards that I could find. This list caters to different needs and budget limitations, ensuring there’s something suitable for everyone.

1. Electro-Voice ZXA1-90 Powered PA

Electro-Voice ZXA1-90 Powered PA Speaker Black

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Electro-Voice ZXA1-90’s sleek black design immediately caught my eye, but it was the performance that truly won me over.

Upon setting it up, I was instantly impressed by the clarity and depth of sound it produced. The audio quality was crisp, with a balance that catered to both the highs and lows impeccably. It’s evident that a lot of thought went into engineering this unit, ensuring it delivers top-notch sound reproduction.

What I particularly appreciated was its compact size, making it incredibly portable. Despite its relatively small stature, the power it packed was undeniable. I’ve tried various audio equipment over the years, but the ZXA1-90 has effortlessly secured its spot as my number one choice.

The built-in amplifier is a game-changer, ensuring that the audio output remains consistent and distortion-free, even at higher volumes. This feature alone has made my listening sessions more immersive and enjoyable.

One more thing worth noting is its versatility. Whether I was listening to music, watching a movie, or even hosting an event, this unit never disappointed. It adapted seamlessly to different audio requirements, always delivering a performance that was nothing short of spectacular.

Feature Specification
Brand Electro-Voice
Model Name ZXA1-90
Speaker Type Portable
Connectivity Technology XLR
Special Feature Portable
Power Amplifier Integrated 800W
  • Excellent sound with superb coverage
  • Simple installation
  • It can be used with a subwoofer with a selectable high-pass filter
  • 800 watts of power
  • Excessive use can overheat the speakers


2. Edifier S2000MKIII

Edifier S2000MKIII

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I must say I was quite impressed with Edifier S2000MKIII’s performance. The sound clarity is commendable, and the overall audio experience is powerful. The design, with its wood veneer and metal knobs, exudes a sense of professionalism and quality.

The inclusion of an OLED LCD display is a nice touch, making it easier to identify the selected input. The remote control is another feature that adds to the convenience, ensuring easy adjustments without having to approach the unit.

While I appreciate the capabilities of this model, it isn’t my primary choice. There are other options in the market that might cater to specific needs better. But for someone looking for a blend of aesthetics and performance, this could be a worthy consideration.

Feature Specification
Brand Edifier
Model Name S2000MKIII
Speaker Type Bookshelf, Tweeter, Woofer
Connectivity RCA, Bluetooth, Optical, Coaxial
Special Feature Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX.
Inputs Line-in, Optical, Coaxial
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Good deliverance
  • Responsive controls
  • Affordable
  • Bulky


3. Yamaha DBR Series DBR15

Yamaha DBR Series DBR15 Powered Speaker

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Yamaha DBR Series DBR15 is quite the performer. The first thing that caught my attention was its lightweight design, making it a breeze to transport and set up. With a 15-inch subwoofer diameter, it promises a robust sound, and it doesn’t disappoint.

The DBR15 boasts a high-performance capability, whether used as a main or monitor speaker.

One of the standout features for me was the FIR-X tuning, which seemed to enhance the overall sound clarity. The unit also offers up to 1000 watts of clean digital power, ensuring that the sound reaches every corner of the room. And with a 7-year warranty, it’s evident that Yamaha stands behind the quality of this product.

While I’ve been impressed with its performance, it’s not my primary go-to option. There are other models and brands I’ve experienced that align more closely with my personal preferences. But that’s not to take away from the DBR15’s capabilities.

Feature Specification
Brand Yamaha
Model Name DBR15
Speaker Type Monitor
Special Feature Lightweight Design
Subwoofer Diameter 15 Inches
Description 15″ Powered Speaker
  • Beautifully designed
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight and easy to transportation
  • EQ might be tricky to set up


4. QSC K12.2 Active 12″ Powered 2000 Watt

QSC K12.2 Active 12" Powered 2000 Watt Loudspeaker

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While I personally wasn’t blown away by QSC K12.2, I can understand its allure. The unit boasts a best-in-class audio performance, which is evident in its clarity and depth. The low-noise and variable-speed fan ensure that it operates smoothly, and the 2000 Watt Class-D amplifier module gives it a powerful punch.

One of the standout features is its multi-function digital display, which allows for easy control and selection of functions. Additionally, the unit comes with factory presets and savable/recallable scenes tailored for commonly-used applications, making it versatile for various settings.

In my experience, while it’s not the pinnacle of audio equipment, it’s a reliable unit that delivers consistent performance. Its design is sleek and modern, and the compatibility with devices like laptops, PCs, and smartphones makes it user-friendly.

If you’re in the market for a reliable unit that offers good value for its price, the QSC K12.2 might be worth considering.

Feature Specification
Brand QSC
Amplifier 2000 Watt Class-D amplifier module
Speaker Type Bookshelf
Special Feature Display, Portable
Compatible Devices Laptop, Personal Computer, Smartphone
Audio Performance Best in class audio performance
  • Excellent set of features, including presets and correction tuning
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Several mounting options
  • Impact resistant
  • ABS enclosure
  • Some users reported sound clipping


5. YAMAHA HS8 Studio Monitor, Black, 8 Inch

YAMAHA HS8 Studio Monitor, Black, 8 Inch

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The YAMAHA HS8 boasts an 8-inch cone woofer and a 1-inch dome tweeter, designed to produce sound with minimal distortion and a well-defined bottom end, regardless of the output level. Its frequency response ranges from 38Hz to 30kHz, and it has a power consumption of 60 watts.

The bi-amp system, which includes 75W LF and 45W HF, totals 120W. This unit also offers level control, EQ adjustments, and both XLR and TRS phone jack inputs.

One of the standout features is its room control and high trim response controls, allowing for adaptability in various room environments. The design ensures that the sound remains high-resolution and consistently delivers a flat response across the spectrum.

In my experience, while the unit might not have left a lasting impression on me, its features and capabilities make it clear why it’s a favorite for many.

Feature Specification
Brand Yamaha
Speaker Type Monitor, Tweeter, Woofer
Connectivity Technology TRS, XLR
Special Feature Bi amplification
Woofer and Tweeter Size 8 inch cone woofer and 1 inch dome tweeter
Waterproof No
  • Noise reduction
  • Less power consumption
  • Room control
  • High trim feature
  • Excellent lows and highs
  • Less than ideal mid-range emphasis when compared to similar monitors


6. Donner Electric Drum AMP 35-Watt

Donner Electric Drum AMP 35-Watt Keyboard Speaker with Aux

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This 35-watt amplifier, equipped with two distinct speakers, delivers a rich tone that truly enhances the drumming experience. The LF: 8-inch woofer combined with the HF: 2.5-inch tweeter ensures that every beat is captured with clarity.

One of the standout features for me was its unique design tailored for electronic drums. Whether I was practicing, performing with my band, or even doing a street performance, this amplifier never let me down. The frequency response range from 20 to 20 KHz ensures that every note, whether high or low, is captured perfectly.

The multifunctional wireless control button is another feature that caught my attention. It’s not just about volume control; it’s about efficiency and durability. The amplifier supports two channels, and each channel has its volume control. This is especially useful when I connect multiple instruments.

Feature Specification
Brand Donner
Color Black
Compatible Devices Drum
Output Wattage 35 Watts
Product Dimensions 14.2″D x 14.8″W x 11.8″H
Speakers TWO Speakers
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Reliable and durable
  • 2 speaker system
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Aux connection
  • Manual is not included


7. Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth System

Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker System

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Bose S1 Pro is not just another device. The first thing that caught my attention was its rugged design, clearly built to accompany you wherever you go. Whether it’s an outdoor gathering or a spontaneous party, this system ensures that the ambiance is always lively.

One of the standout features for me was its wireless Bluetooth pairing capability. I’ve connected both my microphone and guitar to it, and the sound clarity is impeccable. And if you’re worried about positioning, the built-in sensors and multiple aiming positions ensure optimal sound regardless of its placement.

It’s like having a personal sound engineer with you at all times.

Battery life? A solid 11 hours. That’s more than enough for any event or gathering. And the best part? The sound quality remains consistent throughout, without any noticeable drop.

Feature Specification
Brand Bose
Model Name S1 Pro
Speaker Type Exterior
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Special Features Portable
Sound Quality Great sound from a durable speaker
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Perfect for home use and small events
  • Impressive sound for the unit’s size
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Limited frequency due to the size


8. LyxPro SPA-8-8″ Portable PA System

LyxPro SPA-8-8_ Compact Portable PA System

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The LyxPro SPA-8-8 boasts a powerful 100-watt active PA system. With its 8-inch woofer, it promises a split power of 70-Watt LF & 30-Watt HF. One of its standout features is the built-in Bluetooth connection, which allows for seamless music streaming directly from devices like phones or music players, eliminating the need for any cables.

This feature has been particularly appreciated in settings like churches, small gatherings, classrooms, and corporate presentations.

Its compact and lightweight design, weighing just 14 pounds, makes it convenient for both indoor and outdoor usage. The dimensions are quite manageable at 14” H x 9.25” W x 8” D. The device offers multiple connection options, including SD Card Slot, USB Input, XLR Microphone input, and 3.5mm AUX input.

One can also link multiple units together using a simple XLR cable, making it versatile for various setups.

While the LyxPro SPA-8-8 offers a range of features, it’s essential to manage expectations regarding its volume and sound quality. It’s not the loudest unit on the market, but for its size and price point, it does deliver a decent performance.

Feature Specification
Model SPA8
Brand LyxPro
Item Dimensions 9.25 x 8 x 14 inches
Connectivity Technology XLR, 1/4
Color Black
Compatible Devices Guitar, MP3 Player, Piano, Electronic Drum, Keyboard
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Cost-efficient
  • Easy to transport due to its compact size
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Lacks bass


9. PRORECK Party 15 Portable 15-Inch 2000 Watt

PRORECK Party 15 Portable 15-Inch 2000 Watt 2-Way Powered PA Speaker

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The PRORECK Party 15 caught my attention not just once but multiple times. While I wouldn’t say I was blown away, I must admit that this unit does pack a lot of quality.

The PRORECK Party 15 is a portable 15-inch system that boasts a 2000 Watt P.M.P.O 2-Way Powered design. It comes as a combo set, complete with Bluetooth, USB, SD Card Reader, FM Radio, and even an LED light.

The package includes an active unit, a passive counterpart, two stands, a wired microphone, a speakon cable, a power cable, and a remote control.

One of the standout features for me was its multi-function design. It effortlessly pairs with devices like iPhones, iPods, and iPads, and the built-in FM radio is a nice touch for those who enjoy tuning into their favorite stations. The remote control is handy, allowing you to switch modes and adjust the volume from a distance.

The sound quality? It’s decent. With a 200-Watt RMS and a 15″ Woofer, it does deliver clear audio. The built-in equalizer and digital LCD display add to its appeal. And while I would have loved a bit more depth in the bass, the overall sound is balanced.

Feature Specification
Model Name PARTY 15
Speaker Type Woofer
Connectivity Technology RCA, Bluetooth, USB
Special Feature USB Port, Radio, LED Lights, Display
Power 200-Watt RMS, 2000 Watts P.M.P.O
Functionality BLUETOOTH/FM radio/USB CARD functions
  • Portable
  • An excellent companion for a digital piano
  • Affordable
  • Built-in microphone
  • The LED lights are fairly worthless unless your volume is way up




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The SOUNDBOKS 2 boasts a robust design, which is evident the moment you lay eyes on it. Its build quality is commendable, ensuring durability even in challenging environments. The swappable battery feature is a game-changer, allowing for prolonged usage without the constant worry of running out of juice.

This is especially handy for those extended outdoor events or gatherings.

Connecting devices to it is a breeze, thanks to its Bluetooth capabilities. The range and clarity of the audio transmission are noteworthy. While I’ve been privy to some audio devices that have left me less than impressed, the SOUNDBOKS 2 still manages to deliver a quality performance.

The bass response and overall sound projection are powerful, ensuring that your music or audio reaches every corner of the space. It’s essential to mention that while the unit has many strengths, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Feature Specification
Battery Life 40 hours
Color Black
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Speaker Type Outdoor
Power Source Battery Powered
  • Elegant design
  • Strong battery feedback
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Indoor and outdoor modes
  • No EQ


11. Behringer Eurolive B205D

Behringer Eurolive B205D Powered Monitor Speaker

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The B205D is an ultra-compact 150-Watt PA/Monitor Speaker System. From my experience, it’s a multi-purpose active unit suitable for vocal and keyboard monitoring, multimedia presentations, press conferences, and even home recording studios.

The revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology it boasts offers both enormous power and incredible sonic performance, all while being lightweight.

One of the features I genuinely appreciate is the 5.25″ premium-quality, full-range neodymium driver. It ensures that the sound produced is clear and of high fidelity. The built-in 3-channel mixer with a 3-band EQ is a bonus, allowing for versatility in sound adjustments.

I’ve also noticed the “Invisible” Mic Preamps, which are great for condenser microphones, and an instrument-ready input that eliminates the need for a DI.

While I’ve been around the block with various audio devices, the B205D has a unique feature that caught my attention: the mic stand integration system. It allows the unit to be mounted on a mic stand, making it incredibly personal for live monitoring.

I must admit, the idea of mounting a mic directly on top of the monitor did raise concerns about potential feedback. But with the right adjustments, it’s manageable.

Feature Specification
Purpose Active speaker for vocal and keyboard monitoring
Amplifier Technology Class-D amplifier
Power Output 150-watt
Driver 5.25″ full-range neodymium driver
Mixer 3-channel mixer with 3-band EQ
Mic Preamps 2 Mic Preamps with phantom power
  • Excellent price
  • Clear sound
  • Easy to transport
  • Less power consumption
  • It lacks deep bass




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I must say COOLMUSIC DK-35 comes with a mix of feelings. On one hand, it boasts impressive features that many would find appealing. This 50W amplifier is equipped with two distinct units, a 10-inch woofer and a 3.0-inch tweeter, which together aim to provide a rich tone.

The multifunctionality of the DK35S is noteworthy; it’s not just limited to one instrument but can amplify sounds from guitars, keyboards, and even electronic drums.

The inclusion of Bluetooth and USB functionalities, allowing you to connect your phone or PC for background music, is a modern touch that many users would appreciate.

The one-key recording knob is a unique feature that lets you record and playback your sessions.

Despite positive aspects, my personal experience with the COOLMUSIC DK35S has been less than satisfactory. The sound quality, while decent, didn’t meet my expectations, especially when considering its price point.

The design, though touted as drop-resistant, felt a bit clunky to me. And while I tried to look past these issues, they became more evident each time I’ve tried it out.

Feature Specification
Compatible Devices Guitar, Drum, Keyboard
Output Wattage 50 Watts
Number of Bands 3
Speaker Size 10 Inches
Speakers 50W Multi-function Amplifier with TWO Speakers
  • Strong build
  • Excellent pairing with keyboards
  • Inexpensive
  • Great for small venues and gigs
  • Active monitor speakers specifically made for keyboard
  • Distortion issues at high volumes
  • Not suitable for larger gigs


Buying Guide

Powered Speaker for Keyboard

Having concluded the list of the best-powered speakers, and as they come in various shapes and forms, it is crucial for me to let you know all the features that make a quality product. To help you make the right choice and get the best value for your money’s worth, I have put together a brief list of guidelines you should follow when browsing for keyboard speakers.

Size and Portability

Highly important when it comes to speakers for your keyboard. You will need to look for a product that is compact and lightweight since carrying a big and heavy speaker would not be practical.

If you need a speaker for larger venues and big gigs, you may require a more powerful speaker. Generally, bigger speakers offer more power, so you will need to consider the intended use for this product before spending any money.


When it comes to choosing a speaker for your keyboard, you’ll find that some models come with built-in equalizers and mixers, while others do not. If you’re primarily playing live performances, a simple speaker with basic controls will work just fine for you.

If you have more specific needs and require advanced options, look for speakers with full-range equalization and a mixer to cater to your preferences.

Powered Speaker for digital piano


The design of the speaker plays a significant role in resonance. If the design isn’t up to par, eliminating audible resonance becomes almost impossible. This can lead to certain pitches sounding louder than others, ultimately affecting the clarity of the sound. Be sure to choose a well-designed speaker to ensure optimal sound quality.

Sound Performance

When selecting a powered speaker for your keyboard, prioritize the sound performance above anything else. Sound quality is subjective and varies from person to person since everyone has different preferences. To find the perfect match, make sure to test the speaker yourself and see if the sound performance meets your expectations.

Frequency Range

Keep in mind that some speaker models sound better when positioned near or against a wall, while others may perform even better with enough space around them. To achieve the best results, pair your speakers with a quality amplifier to enhance their performance. Experiment with positioning and setups to find the perfect combination for your musical needs.


Powered Speaker for digital piano

Do I need speakers for a digital piano?

Although many digital pianos come with one or two built-in speakers, you will require speakers with a smooth response and clear sound to get excellent output quality and powerful performance, especially if you plan to play gigs at bigger venues.

How to connect a keyboard to an amplifier?

In most cases, a standard 6.3 mono jack will be enough for this connection. Simply plug one end into the mono output of your keyboard or piano and the other end into a mono input of your mixer or amplifier.

Can I use a guitar amp for a digital piano?

Generally, guitar amps can be used for a digital piano. Guitar amps are a somewhat cheaper solution than powered speakers. Since effects will detract from the piano’s tone, it is best to utilize a simple amplifier without effects.

Do I need a preamp for a keyboard?

Preamps are not strictly necessary in case your keyboard creates a line-in signal. Preamps amplify weaker mic-level signals so they can be output as stronger line-level signals.

Last Thoughts

After researching and testing various powered speakers tailored for keyboards, it’s clear that the world of audio equipment offers a plethora of options.

Each speaker brings its unique sound signature, build quality, and feature set. From my personal experience, the ideal powered speaker for a keyboard should offer clarity across all frequencies, a robust build, and user-friendly controls.

While many speakers impressed me, it’s essential to choose one that aligns with your specific needs, whether it’s for live performances, studio recordings, or casual jamming. Remember, the best speaker is the one that resonates with you and enhances your keyboard playing experience.

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