LG BX OLED TV Review 2023- Experience the Ultimate Viewing Bliss

LG bx oled

The LG BX OLED is the entry-level TV in LG’s 2023 OLED TV and provides outstanding overall performance as other OLED TVs. This has an infinite contrast ratio and total black uniformity, suitable in dark rooms for watching films. Gamers should appreciate its support for the FreeSync refresh rate variable (VRR), and it is also … Read more

LG SK9000 4K HDR Smart TV – A Stunning Visual Experience

LG SK9000 4K HDR Smart TV (1)

LG SK9000 is a super UHD 4k TV with very good performance. In a bright room, the picture quality is good, and the television can be bright enough to remove the glare. It also has excellent response handling and when viewed at an angle, the picture remains accurate. Unfortunately, the performance in the darkroom is … Read more

LG C8 OLED TV 2023 – Impressive HDR Gaming Performance


With this 2018 model TV known for Sports, you can expect impressive HDR gaming performance along with perfect picture quality, especially in darker rooms. A great pick for sci-fi and horror fans. These days, telling OLED panels apart isn’t easy; the chances of sending the wrong screen to the slammer are high in a line-up. … Read more

Sony X900H vs LG NANO90 2023 – Battle of the 4K Titans

LG NANO90 vs Sony X900H withch one is better

Every approaching technology replaces the previous one by introducing fresh features! The TV market follows the same trend with the development of advanced panels and models. There is a battle going on between VA panels and IPS panels. Thus, I will compare two models featuring different panels in this blog: Sony X900H vs LG NANO90! … Read more

10 Best Soundbars for LG TV 2023 – Ultimate Audio Upgrade for Your Home Theater

Soundbars for LG TV

A road map to 10 of the best soundbars available for LG TV owners today with a buying guide detailing things to keep in mind while shopping! With the mounting popularity of soundbars, gone are the days of plain-looking, cubic speakers. These newfangled, baguette-shaped bars have irrevocably changed the face of electro-acoustic products with their … Read more

LG C9 OLED TV 2023 Review – Best OLED TV For The Money


It’s difficult to balance OLED technology when it comes to quality and performance, and LG’s C9 OLED TV is the best we’ve seen. Watching the best-in-class screen is amazing due to incredible color performance, powerful visual effects, precise pixel-level graphics, and unmatched black levels. But not only the OLED display brings the C9 above the … Read more

Samsung vs LG TV – Which TV Brand is Better to Buy in 2023?

samsung vs lg tv

The battle between Samsung TV and LG TV is a long, storied affair full of innovations, strife and, ultimately, amazing successes. These are two of the top TV brands in the world with television sets that are among the best TVs year after year. Read our side-by-side comparison, and find out which one should you … Read more