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LG SK8000 UHD TV 2024 – A Spectacular Viewing Experience

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LG sk8000

LG sk8000 is the best 4k TV that can be used for various uses such as for watching movies, TV shows, sports, video games, HDR gaming and as a PC monitor. It delivers the best picture quality with a decent saturation for the users to view.

The LG company always stand at the front to produce with the new and updated features. The LG sk8000 has a low input lag which helps gamers to experience a better quality of pictures, people like this TV for its outstanding performance. It has a magic remote exceptional, with new google assistant voice access.

The new LG sk8000 is a very good TV with excellent sound quality. It has a great set-up and it’s easy to use. The video quality is also better than the previous models, which I think makes this TV a great choice in terms of viewing experience. The LG sk8000 comes with a built-in microphone that can be used for recording calls, music or even voice messages.

The LG sk8000 has very good motion handling where the videos delivered to the users clearly without any disturbance in stocking or with any other inconvenience. When viewed at an angle the image appears clearly and accurate which is good for those with wide seating. It has a very good response time without any loading time and has a great reflection handling.

The only drawback in this TV is its picture quality is only average with mediocre gray scaling/black levels not great. Local dimming does not provide much effective to the user and also it is slightly disappointing in the HDR performance.



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  • Excellent low input lag
  • Very fast response time
  • Great reflection handling
  • Blacks appear gray and blotchy in a dark room
  • Peak brightness is only decent



The LG 55SK8000PUA / LG 65SK8000PUA is outstanding in design. It looks very much like the SK9000 and recognizes a slight premium feeling. Although the TV is small and appears great, it may be difficult to achieve some of the inputs facing outside when the screen is installed.

There is some basic cable management at the back of the stand, but when the TV is mounted on the wall, there is almost no cable management.

Picture Quality

LG 4K 65SK8000 HDR Smart LED AI Super UHD

The LG SK8000 has a decent value of the picture quality. Blacks will demonstrate grayish in dark rooms with a mediocre contrast ratio, and local dimming capabilities of TVs are unable to assist because of their vertical local dimming areas.

We advise you to keep it’ off.’ It’s not as bright as the SK9000, and it’s easy to miss significant points. The viewing angle is mediocre, as with most IPS panels. Despite being larger than most VA screen TVs such as the X900F, it still remains behind OLED TVs.

The handling of reflection is great, making it a good choice for wide viewing environments, but there is some noticeable dirty screen effect that sports fans won’t like.


The LG SK8000PUA has a great motion handling It has an outstanding response time, faster than the LG SK9000, and very little blur in motion. The backlight uses PWM to dim, and the comparatively small flash rate (120 Hz) makes visible flash. There is an additional white pixel introduction function that can assist lower the stutter and lower the flicker to 60 fps.

Sound quality

The sound of the LG SK8000 is mediocre. This TV is not getting loud and has no continuous sound, so it produces no cracking sound or rumble. But his bass has a good kick and generates straightforward dialogs. Dedicated amplifiers or a soundbar are suggested for a better sound.

Smart Features

The LG SK8000 operates the recent webOS intelligent interface variant of LG. It has a good range of integrated applications that cover the most popular applications.

Most common music is played and simple to use by the built-in film, songs, and picture viewers. The LG Content Store is easy to navigate and has thousands of apps available, but ads and suggested content is available throughout and can not be disabled.

Voice Control and Smart Home Integration

LG SK8000 is equipped with voice control capabilities

The LG SK8000 is equipped with voice control capabilities, allowing users to take advantage of the built-in Google Assistant and compatibility with Amazon Alexa. These voice assistants enable users to control the TV’s functions and access various streaming services, search content, and even control other compatible smart home devices without needing a separate device like a smart speaker. This feature makes the LG SK8000 a convenient and integral part of any smart home setup, seamlessly integrating with various devices and providing a unified control experience.

Customer Support and Warranty

LG offers comprehensive customer support for the SK8000, ensuring that users have access to helpful resources, such as product manuals, troubleshooting guides, software updates, and technical assistance. Customers can reach out to LG via phone, live chat, or email for any questions or concerns regarding their TV. The LG SK8000 comes with a standard one-year limited warranty, which covers parts and labor for any manufacturing defects. Extended warranties and protection plans may be available through select retailers or third-party providers for added peace of mind.

Accessories and Add-ons


To enhance the LG SK8000 viewing experience, users may consider investing in various accessories and add-ons. Some popular options include:

  • Soundbars or home theater systems: Improve the TV’s audio quality by connecting it to a dedicated sound system.
  • Wall mounts: Save space and create a sleek, modern look by mounting the TV on the wall.
  • HDMI cables: Ensure optimal video and audio quality by using high-quality HDMI cables to connect your devices.
  • Universal remote controls: Streamline your home entertainment setup by using a single remote to control multiple devices.
  • Wireless headphones: Enjoy an immersive audio experience without disturbing others by connecting Bluetooth headphones to the TV.


Does the LG SK8000 support Dolby Vision?

The LG SK8000 does not support Dolby Vision, a popular and advanced HDR format that enhances image quality by providing dynamic metadata, which adjusts brightness and color levels on a scene-by-scene basis. Instead, the TV supports HDR10 and HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) formats. HDR10 is an open standard for HDR content and is widely supported by streaming services and 4K Blu-ray players, while HLG is primarily used for broadcasting HDR content. Although the SK8000 may not offer the most advanced HDR experience, it still delivers a decent HDR performance for most users.

Can I connect Bluetooth headphones to the LG SK8000?

connect Bluetooth headphones to the LG SK8000

Yes, the LG SK8000 is equipped with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to pair compatible wireless headphones for a private and immersive listening experience. To connect Bluetooth headphones, access the TV’s settings menu, navigate to the “Sound” section, and select “Bluetooth.” Make sure your headphones are in pairing mode, and the TV should recognize and connect to them. Keep in mind that Bluetooth audio may introduce a slight delay, which could affect audio-video synchronization in some instances.

Is the LG SK8000 compatible with VESA mounting standards?

The LG SK8000 is compatible with VESA mounting standards, making it easy to mount the TV on a wall using a compatible mounting bracket. The specific VESA dimensions depend on the size of your TV. For example, the 55-inch model has a VESA pattern of 300 x 300 mm, while the 65-inch model has a VESA pattern of 300 x 300 mm as well. Ensure that you purchase the appropriate mount for the specific size and weight of your TV and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for a safe and secure installation.

Can I control the LG SK8000 using my smartphone?

You can control the LG SK8000 using the LG ThinQ app, available for download on both iOS and Android devices. The app allows you to access various TV functions, such as turning it on or off, adjusting the volume, changing channels, and browsing the smart TV interface. Additionally, the LG ThinQ app enables you to integrate the TV with your smart home ecosystem and control other compatible smart devices.

To use the LG ThinQ app with your SK8000, ensure that both the TV and your smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Follow the app’s on-screen instructions to pair your smartphone with the TV, and you will be able to control it using your mobile device.



The LG SK8000 is great for mixed-use television such as watching TV shows, movies, sports, video games, and as the PC monitor. Looking in a room with a decent amount of ambient light is ideally suited.

Dark efficiency in the space is low and there is not enough brightness to overcome glare. When watching movies or games, HDR doesn’t contribute much. It has an outstanding input lag and a quick response time, so quick intervention feels good in a hockey match or the recent action movie.

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