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LG OLED E8 2024 – The Smartest TV in the Market

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The Smartest TV

The LG E8 OLED is a very impressive smart TV by both virtual and physical accounts. The slim “pixel-on-glass” design makes the television appear smooth and slim while maintaining a familiar look from last year.

There’s a two-inch drop of glass that makes it seem as if the TV is floating in mid-air. I rather like this look and hope LG expands on it more over time.

Moving on, the OLED E8 has a striking picture value with only one major flaw: Potential burn-in. Though, after extended use, I don’t believe it to be an issue, but OLED panels are susceptible to this phenomenon so beware.

Aside from that, the motion is quick as usual, the inputs are responsive and the smart features are even smarter now. This is all true while managing to keep the price tag relatively competitive with other flagship models from other top TV brands. I expect the LG E8 to make some top ten lists for sure.


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Preferred usage:

The LG OLED E8 is certainly made for movies and other resource-demanding content. The contrast ratio and color gamut are just perfect for this type of usage.

  • Video Games
  • PC Monitor
  • Movies
  • Sports
  • TV Shows

Picture value:

As mentioned above there is a potential for the E8 to experience burn-in after a seriously extended period of use. Aside from that, this OLED smart TV is apart of the standard LG has set for picture quality.

The blacks are incredibly deep thanks to the infinite contrast ratio and the color practically pop off of the screen. It also has a wonderful viewing angle for sharing the TV with others.

Contrast Ratio

contrast ratio

  • Contrast Ratio: ∞ (Infinite)
  • Bottom Line: Amazing

The superior performance here from the LG OLED E8. These are the deepest blacks you can possibly get on the market.

Local Dimming

  • Local Dimming: No
  • Backlight: N/A
  • Bottom Line: Perfect

Since the E8 has an infinite contrast ratio, the local dimming isn’t needed to enhance it further. This is great and leaves the TV’s resource for other things which helps everything run more smoothly overall.


LG has given the OLED E8 access to some super well-performing inputs and input features. The lag is very low for video games, the input variety quite good, and the list of features quite long. With the other metric of my LG E8 TV review, I’ve found this smart TV to be nearly perfect and its inputs only catapult it closer to the stars.

Motion handling

The LG E8 excels well with the big three below. The response time is nearly instantaneous, motion interpolation works at all levels, and 24p playback is fully supported. These all make for a truly smooth and responsive experience that is well worth the price tag.

Motion Blur

motion blur

  • Response Time: ~0.2 ms
  • Bottom Line: Insane

All kinds of content look good with a response time this fast. Eye-tracking is nonexistent. A common complaint I receive is that the picture looks fake. To be honest, at first, this is kind of true. The picture is so smooth, you just are not used to it. After a while, though you’ll settle in and love the new smart TV.

  • 24p Playback
  • 24p: Yes
  • Bottom Line: Perfect

The ‘Real Cinema‘ option needs to be turned on, and ‘TrueMotion‘ must be set to ‘User‘ while both the ‘De-Judder‘ and ‘De-Blur‘ sliders set to zero. Once this criterion is met on the LG E8, 24p content will have the inherent judder removed. Though, when BFI is enabled, the judder will not be removed.

Motion Interpolation

  • 30 FPS: Yes
  • 60 FPS: Yes
  • Soap Opera Effect: Yes
  • Bottom Line: Great

The LG OLED E8 has a 120 Hz refresh rate and support for 30 and 60 FPS content. This means it all can easily be interpolated with some small adjustments to the settings. Set ‘TrueMotion‘ to ‘User‘ and set ‘De-Judder‘for low frame rate content, and the ‘De-Blur‘ sliders for 60 FPS content.

All Inputs

  • HDMI (HDCP 2.2): 4 (1 rear, 3 sides)
  • USB: 3 (1 rear, 2 side)
  • RF In (Antenna/Cable): 1 (rear)
  • Composite In: 1 (rear)
  • Ethernet: 1 (rear)
  • Digital Audio Out (Optical): 1 (rear)
  • RS232C (Mini Jack): 1 (rear)

You have both side and rear inputs on the E8. This is important to note in case you ever wish to mount this smart TV to a wall.

VESA Pattern

VESA Pattern

  • OLED55E8PUA: 300×200 mm
  • OLED65E8PUA: 300×200 mm
  • Input Lag
  • Best Input Lag: ~20 ms
  • Bottom Line: Great

The LG OLED E8 just packs another punch with its low input lag. so not only can you enjoy high definition movies and TV shows, but you can also play HDR video games without issue.

Smart features

There’s no right way to say this without sounding bias, but the WebOS platform kicks butt on the E8. The implementation of ThinQ has been quite good and the new voice controls work so well that I often found myself using them more over the standard remote. Granted there are some advertisements that can be annoying, they aren’t too bad in the end.

Operating System

  • LG Electronics Signature WebOS
  • Operating System: WebOS with ThinQ
  • Bottom Line: Clever and Quite Smooth

The LG OLED E8 comes loaded not only with WebOS but with its ThinQ features as well. This gives you access to a series of smarter voice controls and even some device controls that most didn’t expect.

Imagine one day you could get a notification that your dishwasher or dryer has finished its cycle or perhaps that you are about to miss an appointment because the E8 can read your schedule. These are some seriously cool tech ideas and the possibilities seem endless.

Aside from the new features, the base operating system works much as it did before and without a facelift as well. The menu options can be accessed the same as last year and the downloadable applications work well without frame drops. I really enjoyed the new features and believe you will too.


What is the design of the LG E8 OLED TV like?

The LG E8 OLED TV has a slim “pixel-on-glass” design, giving it a sleek and modern appearance. It also features a two-inch drop of glass, creating the illusion that the TV is floating in mid-air.

What is the potential issue with the LG E8 OLED TV’s display?

The main concern with the LG E8 OLED TV’s display is the potential for burn-in. This can occur when static images are displayed for extended periods of time. However, this is generally not an issue with normal usage.

What makes the LG E8 OLED TV suitable for movies and other demanding content?

The LG E8 OLED TV has an excellent contrast ratio and color gamut, making it ideal for movies and other high-quality content. It also has a fast response time and low input lag, making it great for gaming.

What is the advantage of the LG E8 OLED TV’s inputs?

The LG E8 OLED TV has a variety of inputs and features that result in low lag, making it ideal for video games. It also supports 24p playback and motion interpolation, providing a smooth and responsive viewing experience.

What is the benefit of the LG E8 OLED TV’s motion handling?

The LG E8 OLED TV has a fast response time, motion interpolation at all levels, and full support for 24p playback. These features result in a smooth and responsive viewing experience, especially for fast-paced scenes.

What smart features does the LG E8 OLED TV offer?

The LG E8 OLED TV uses the WebOS platform, which includes ThinQ features. This provides access to smarter voice controls and device controls. The TV can also send notifications about other smart appliances in your home, such as when your dishwasher or dryer has finished its cycle.

Final Words

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