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12 Best TVs For The Xbox Series X 2024 – For Your Gaming Comfort

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Top Xbox X Gaming TVs

If you have an Xbox Series X or looking to purchase one, you may need a the best 4K TV to go along with it so that you’re using the full power of the Series X. Ideally, with a 120Hz panel and HDMI 2.1 support, you want to search for anything as the Series X will perform up to 120fps for smoother and more efficient gameplay.

On this new console, ‘Auto HDR’ is also a popular feature that applies HDR to games that did not previously support it, so you want to search for a TV with a strong HDR color gamut to create rich colors and a high peak brightness to start appearing some highlights.

The below listed are the best TV for Xbox series X to buy this year. Check out the reviewes carefully and choose the best one that reach your requirements. See also our recommendations for the best 4k HDR gaming TVs, and the best TVs.

Info and Specifications of Xbox X

The Xbox Series X is powered by a custom 7 nm AMD Zen 2 CPU with eight cores running at a nominal 3.8 GHz, or when simultaneous multithreading (SMT) is used, at 3.6 GHz. One CPU core is dedicated to the underlying operating system.

The graphics processing unit is also a custom unit based on AMD’s RDNA 2 graphics architecture. It has a total of 56 compute units (CUs) with 3584 cores, with 52 CUs and 3328 cores enabled, and will be running at a fixed 1.825 GHz.

This unit is capable of 12 teraflops of computational power. The unit ships with 16GB of GDDR6 SDRAM, with 10GB running at 560GB/s primarily to be used with the graphics system and the other 6GB at 336GB/s to be used for the other computing functions.

The Xbox Series X’s console form is designed to be unobtrusive and minimalistic. Its forward-facing features present only the main power button and an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive.

Which TV is best for Xbox Series X?

Which TV is best for Xbox Series X

It’s a perfect time to invest in a new 4K TV, with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S improving the bar for results. The two next-generation consoles are forcing immense visual advancements, with the introduction of HDMI 2.1 still driving new screens to account for those advances.

4K resolution at 120Hz has recently been shown to be a reality, while new gaming-focused features such as VRR and ALLM aim to change how even the best Xbox One games play. And with early 8K TVs remaining a costly, high-stakes investment, only the best 4K TVs are worth your consideration in 2024.

The LG CX OLED TV leads the market with its stunning OLED display and a comprehensive suite of gaming features for those seeking the absolute best TV for Xbox Series X. 4K resolution and 120Hz refresh speeds make the games look and sound their best, with other changes above just picture quality being added to HDMI 2.1.

The display technology also provides rich blacks that make shadows fall into the background effortlessly, making bright colors really pop in every scene. The effect is something that you’ll need to see to know in person, but it’s impossible to go there.

But the Sony X900H 4K LED TV makes the best features more available in the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, deciding most of all on a more reasonable range. This TV has a 4K resolution at 120Hz, which the maker also terms “Ready for PlayStation 5” It’s also true for the Xbox Series X, but half-baked support for HDMI 2.1 means it’s not quite full.

With VRR and ALLM scheduled to come with an upgrade in the immediate future, this might make the average household one of the best 4K TVs.

For each price range, there are 4K TVs, with cheaper alternatives still available especially well suited to the Xbox Series S. But no matter what you pick, when connected to either of the newest Xbox consoles, expect a sample of the next generation.

Top TV Monitors for Your Xbox

1. Best TV For Xbox Series X: LG CX OLED

The LG CX OLED is the best TV for Xbox Series X with an OLED panel that you can purchase this year. We have reviewed this TV based on the suggestions from customers and reviews from the users. This is a feature-rich model that provides almost any type of content with outstanding image quality.

As all OLED TVs allows it to view perfect blacks, it is well-suited for dark spaces. In well-lit settings, visibility can be a challenge, since it may not be able to overcome extreme glare. It has excellent reflection handling. When viewed from the edge, the wide viewing angles help preserve image accuracy, making it a perfect option for co-op gameplay.

When it comes to the performace it has all the features that a gamer would expect and it brings an oustanding gameplay experience. It has an almost automatic response time that resulted in almost no blur of motion, and it has an optional Black Frame Insertion function that can increase visibility further.

It has a refresh rate of 120Hz and extremely low input lag, which makes it feel amazingly smooth and sensitive to the gaming experience. To reduce screen tearing, it supports both FreeSync and HDMI Forum VRR. It also has a ‘Auto Low lag Feature’ that, when you start a game, automatically unlocks ‘Game’ mode, saving you the trouble of manually having to do it.

Unfortunately, there was always the issue of permanent burn-in with OLEDs, especially in terms of gaming. When you watch video, it should not be a concern, and there are functionality built-in to minimize the risks as well.

As it has an outstanding color range and gets bright enough to pull out some highlights, particularly small bright objects in dark scenes, it can offer a pretty good HDR experience. All in all, it’s interesting to check out if you want something that will take full advantage of all of the Series X functions. Finally this is the best TV for Xbox series X.

  • Infinite contrast ratio.
  • Wide viewing angles.
  • VRR support.
  • Displays wide color gamut.
  • Risk of permanent burn-in.
  • Only decent HDR peak brightness.


2. Best TV For Xbox Series X: Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED

The Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED  is the best TV for Xbox Series X  that is used for gaming with an LED screen. It offers a wonderful gameplay experience, like the LG CX OLED, although you won’t have to think about permanent burn-in, as the VA panel is resistant to it.

Thanks to its excellent contrast ratio and full-array local dimming, it is well-suited for dark spaces, and because of its excellent reflection control and high visibility, it performs well in bright environments. It has good viewing angles, so when seen from the edge, you don’t sacrifice too much picture quality.

For fast-paced sports, it has outstanding handling of motion. It has a quick response time, a mode for Black Frame Insertion, and a refresh rate of 120Hz, results in simple and smooth motion. Note, that we are still in the process of reviewing the HDMI 2.1 support and its ability to show a signal of 120Hz, so once program is done, we will have an update.

It is also worth noting that the 49 inch model has a 60Hz display and does not support any variable refresh rate technology to reduce the tearing of the screen, as is achieved by the larger sizes.

There is a noticeable dirty screen impact that may be disturbing, but the perception may be different since the uniformity of the screen can vary between single components. The HDR experience can leave most gamers happy.

To create a wide variety of colors, it has a broad color range, and it gets bright enough to pop highlights, particularly when gaming in a dim to moderately lit room. Overall, this is an outstanding TV that most gamers can be delighted with.

  • Excellent response time.
  • Great contrast ratio.
  • Remarkable reflection handling.
  • Decent viewing angles.
  • Corners of the screen appear darker.



Check out the Vizio P Series Quantum 2024 if you want a TV that offers an even better HDR performance than the Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED. It has a much better set of colors and gets much brighter, rendering games in HDR sound extremely immersive.

It has a low response time, low lag input, and a refresh rate of 120Hz. The drawback is that it has far narrower viewing angles, so if you’ve a wide seating configuration, it may not be the optimal option, as when viewed from the rear, the picture might appear washed out. There is noticeably worse screen uniformity, but again this will vary between units.

Samsung is a better option for most individuals because it has overall superior efficiency. If you want a great HDR experience  and don’t care to compromise on viewing angles, then go for the Vizio.

  • High contrast ratio.
  • Gets very bright.
  • Good reflection handling.
  • Poor viewing angles.
  • Some vignetting and dirty screen effect.


4. Best Budget TV For Xbox Series X: Vizio M7 Series Quantum

The Vizio M7 Series Quantum 2024 is the best budget TV for the Xbox Series X we’ve reviewed. This model does not make better use of the horsepower of the Series X, as its refresh rate is limited to 60Hz, but it is a perfect choice for you to shop on a tight budget.

It has a decent response time and a Black Frame Insertion feature, which in fast-paced games results in simple pictures. It has low input lag, support for FreeSync, and a ‘Auto Low Latency Mode,’ so to get the lowest lag, you wouldn’t have to adjust the image mode manually.

Because of its high contrast ratio, it is well-suited for dark-room play, rendering blacks look deep. However, while it has a full-array local dimming function, its mediocre execution causes a substantial increase in the black level, which can interrupt in dark scenes. It manages reflections well in bright settings, but if there is extreme glare, you might still have some vision problems. In HDR, it does not get any brighter, which, given its excellent HDR color gamut, is disappointing.

Unfortunately, the viewing angles aren’t good, so when viewed from the side, the images look washed out. Out of the box, color accuracy is reasonably good. However, this may vary between units. So if you’re buying on a small budget and also don’t mind playing at 60fps, this is a great option, and you can save some cash to purchase games.

  • Excellent contrast ratio.
  • Good reflection handling.
  • Decent SDR peak brightness.
  • Narrow viewing angles.
  • Dirty screen effect.


5. Brighter Alternative: HISENSE H8G

If you’re extremely concerned about glare, or want a TV which really gets sharper than the Quantum 2024 Vizio M7 Series, then check out the Hisense H8G. In terms of gaming performance, it’s very similar, as it also has a fast response time, low input lag, and a refresh rate of 60Hz.

In SDR and HDR it gets much brighter, which means that you get better visibility and a better HDR experience. The downside is that to decrease screen tearing. It doesn’t support any variable refresh rate modern technologies, and its gradient handling is not as good, so you might notice a bit more compression.

Overall, there are many similarities between Vizio and Hisense, and choosing between them depends on what you need. Go with the Vizio if you prefer to have variable refresh rate support. Otherwise if glare is a concern, Hisense is a better choice.

  • Displays deep blacks.
  • Great SDR peak brightness.
  • Incredibly low input lag.
  • Narrow viewing angles.
  • Limiting HDR experience.


6. Sony X900H TV Review

The Sony X900H, also recognized as the X90CH, for nearly any type of content, is a great 4k TV. It has a VA panel with an outstanding contrast ratio and a full-array local dimming function that makes blacks in the dark look even better. It is well-suited for bright rooms, as it has reasonable handling of reflection and becomes bright enough to overcome glare easily. Thanks to its fast response time and optional Black Frame Insertion function, it delivers fast-moving scenes with minimal blur.

With its low input lag, which remains low even when playing in 4k with 10-bit HDR, video game players should be pleased. Unfortunately, its viewing angles are quite narrow, so when viewed from the side, images look washed out. It is also not functional yet, although it is advertised as having variable refresh rate support to reduce screen tearing.

The Sony X900H, for most uses, is a great TV. Thanks to its great contrast ratio, high peak brightness, and wide color gamut, it delivers high image quality. It has a fast response time resulting in very little blur of motion, and its input lag is sufficiently low to satisfy even serious gamers. With vibrant colors and highlights that pop, HDR content is supplied. It has narrow viewing angles, unfortunately, which makes it less suitable for large rooms or wide seating arrangements.

  • Excellent contrast ratio.
  • Fast response time.
  • Great peak brightness.
  • Sub-par viewing angles.
  • VRR support not yet active.


7. TCL 6 Series/R635 2024 QLED TV

The flagship TV in TCL’s 2024 lineup is the TCL 6 Series. It offers very good current effectiveness and is an upgrade from the TCL 6 Series/R625 2019, its predecessor. Its QLED technique enables provide HDR content with a very large color gamut, and it gets vivid enough through HDR to really make highlights pop. With an excellent contrast ratio, it has a VA panel, and that comes at the cost of its limited viewing angles.

There is a full-array local dimming function, but some will be disappointed to know that it does not work well and resulted in bright objects blooming around them. It is quick to use the designed Roku smart platform and has a lot of software that you can download. The TV is well-built and a wise option to use in a well-lit setting as it has exceptional peak brightness and is great in its reflection handling.

  • Outstanding contrast ratio.
  • Excellent peak brightness.
  • Easy-to-use Roku interface.
  • Displays wide color gamut for HDR content.
  • Mediocre full-array local dimming feature.
  • Narrow viewing angles.
  • Uniformity issues.


8. Hisense H9G TV Review

The Hisense H9G is a 4k LED TV flagship that provides impressive results. It delivers reasonable value for its price and competes in 2024 with many other high-end, more costly alternatives. It’s an exciting improvement over its ancestor, the Hisense H9F, and offers a rewarding HDR experience.

In HDR, it gets vivid enough to make highlights pop and reveals a wide variety of colors. For watching material in dark spaces, it’s an ideal option because it has an exceptional contrast ratio and amazing black uniformity.

And in bright conditions, if you use it, it gets bright enough to fight glare and has outstanding handling of reflection. However, since it has small viewing angles, you need to sit right in front to have the best viewing experience possible. Unfortunately, it does not have many game features, such as support for variable refresh rate (VRR), and it does not display any 120Hz signal correctly, despite having a 120Hz screen.

  • Outstanding contrast ratio.
  • Makes highlights pop in HDR.
  • Amazing response time.
  • Excellent reflection handling.
  • Narrow viewing angles.
  • No VRR support.



What features should I look for in a TV for Xbox Series X?

Look for a TV with a 4K resolution, 120Hz panel, HDMI 2.1 support, and strong HDR color gamut. These features will allow you to fully utilize the capabilities of the Xbox Series X.

Why is HDMI 2.1 important for Xbox Series X gaming?

HDMI 2.1 supports higher bandwidth, allowing for 4K resolution at 120fps. This results in smoother and more efficient gameplay, enhancing your gaming experience.

What is Auto HDR in Xbox Series X?

Auto HDR is a feature that applies HDR to games that did not previously support it. This enhances the color and brightness of the game, improving the overall visual experience.

What is the risk of burn-in with OLED TVs?

Burn-in is a permanent damage that can occur when static images are displayed for a long period of time. This can be a concern for gamers who play for extended periods. However, many modern OLED TVs have features to minimize this risk.

What is the benefit of a TV with a wide viewing angle for gaming?

A TV with a wide viewing angle preserves image accuracy when viewed from the side. This is beneficial for co-op gameplay or when you have a large group of people watching the screen from different angles.

Why is a fast response time important for gaming TVs?

A fast response time reduces motion blur, resulting in clearer and smoother images during fast-paced gaming scenes.

What is VRR and why is it important for gaming?

VRR stands for Variable Refresh Rate. It’s a feature that synchronizes the refresh rate of the TV with the frame rate of the game, reducing screen tearing and providing a smoother gaming experience.

What is the advantage of a TV with high peak brightness for gaming?

High peak brightness enhances the visibility of highlights and details in the game, especially in HDR content. This can improve the overall visual experience and immersion in the game.


Our suggestions above are what we found the best TV for Xbox series X available in the market. These are the best TV for Xbox series X to buy in every price range for you. We have analyzed the features and functions of each product and reviewed our best for the buyers.

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