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Sony X900H vs X900F – Which TV Reigns Supreme?

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Sony tv comparision

Found yourself stuck between whether to buy Sony X900H and Sony X900F, right? That is probably the reason why you are here, and you have a right to feel this way because hello! They are both the most wonderful smart TVs that you will come across.

And believe me, I have been in the exact same position you are right now. Having a craze for luxury and comfort, I always prefer spending weekends at home watching Netflix with a large bowl of popcorn and a can of soda, which spiked my interest in me to get the best possible Smart TV.

I looked around for a while and got stuck on these two dream-come-true beauties. But, the tragedy was I could take only one of them home. So, I dug into their specifications and found out so much about them.

All the similarities and dissimilarities in their features helped me select the perfect Smart Tv for my home. I benefited a lot from them, so I decided it is high time that you do too. So jotted down is a brief analysis of the Sony X900H vs Sony X900F.

Comparison Between Sony X900H & Sony X900F

Sony X900H


Sony X900F


Similarities Between Sony X900H vs X900F

Speaking about the similarities, there is a lot in common between Sony X900H and X900F. The first similarity is very common, which is the company name. Both of these smart TVs are produced of the great company Sony.

Both of them have an excellent resolution of 4K UHD and bright LED technology. This means that you can have the exhilarating experience of watching your favorite movies and drama series in ultra-high resolution without actually going out to the cinema.

The fine detailing of the picture will make you wonder if you have ever watched that show before. Moving on to the contrasts, both the Smart TVs exhibit bright contrasts and vibrant coloring. This is because they use TRILUMINOS Display technology,

Live color technology, and Precision color mapping. The TRILUMINOS Display technology uses a broader color palette which adds more colors to the picture, thus giving you a livelier picture quality and display.

Apart from that, the live color technology and precision color mapping also add to the contrasts and charm of the picture quality of both the TVs. Moreover, both of these Smart TVs use X-Motion Clarity technology which endows them both with its superb features of extremely high clarity, brightness, and smoothness.

Every movement is shown with high levels of clarity and sharpness. So, you can enjoy all your favorite action pack movies without getting stuck or the picture going blurred every time a high-motion scene comes.

You are guaranteed to feel as if you are watching those movies with newfound vision and clarity.

Besides, both Smart TVs are perfectly compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which means you can have a smooth wireless control over the Smart TV through your voice from any part of your home.

This feature allows you to search different apps, music files, video clips, or anything you need to find on the TV.

Moreover, they both have a voice remote control and built-in Wifi. So get ready to spend your weekends lazying around on your couch watching television with a remix.

Differences Between Sony X900H vs X900F

Differences Between Sony X900H vs X900F

One of the first things that we all consider before moving on to the product specifications is the price. The difference in price is the most significant factor that determines the sales. In this case, the price of the Sony X900H is higher than the Sony X900F.

This places the Sony X900H on a slightly higher pedestal than its counterpart. So a buyer will be more inclined towards buying Sony X900H. Moving further to the details, Sony X900H was launched in 2024, whereas Sony X900F was launched in 2018.

Moreover, the Sony X900H does not have dual database processing nor the super bit mapping 4K HDR, but the Sony X900F has both. It means that the latter has a better picture quality with many enhanced pixels and a better watching experience all in all.

The Sony X900F displays more realistic pictures due to greater focus and clarity thanks to super bit mapping 4K HDR. Besides, the Sony X900H has an X1 4K HDR Processor, whereas the Sony X900F has a 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme.

Differences Between Sony X900H vs X900F

This difference significantly impacts the picture quality of both the Smart TVs as the Sony X900F has a much enhanced picture quality.

Furthermore, speaking about the speaker technology used in both Smart TVs, the Sony X900H has preinstalled X-Balanced Speaker with advanced sound quality and potent sound pressure. On the other hand, Sony X900F has a Bass Reflex Speaker.


Is Sony X900F worth it?

Sony X900F is a great Smart TV with mind-blowingly gorgeous picture quality and smooth picture motion. Besides, the contrasts of this Smart TV are to die for.

You will find yourself rewatching all your favorite tv shows and movies just for the sake of intense pleasure and newfound clarity. Besides, the built-in speakers, google assistant, and Alexa will have you hooked to this TV for days.

Is the Sony X900F good for gaming?

Sony X900F is a perfect choice for all gamers. The ultimate high picture resolution and the excellent sound system will give you a fantastic gaming experience. Besides, all the heady games will run smoothly on this tv.

However, it doesn’t support Variable Refresh Rate technology (VRR), but still, the lag time is surprisingly lower than many other alternatives within this price range.

Does the Sony X900F support Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)?

No, the Sony X900F does not support Variable Refresh Rate (VRR). However, it still offers a low lag time, which makes it a great choice for gaming.

Are both Smart TVs compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa?

Yes, both the Sony X900H and Sony X900F are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This feature allows you to control your Smart TV through voice commands, making it convenient to search for different apps, music files, video clips, or anything you need to find on the TV.

Which Smart TV is better for gaming, Sony X900H or Sony X900F?

Both the Sony X900H and Sony X900F are great choices for gaming. They both offer high picture resolution and excellent sound systems, providing a fantastic gaming experience. However, the Sony X900F is a better choice for gamers because of its X1 Extreme processor, which offers better picture quality and greater clarity. Additionally, the lag time on the Sony X900F is surprisingly lower than many other alternatives within this price range.

Does the Sony X900F support Dolby Vision?

No, the Sony X900F does not support Dolby Vision. However, it does support HDR10 and HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) which are two other popular HDR formats. The TV also has a feature called Dynamic Range Enhancer, which can help to improve the HDR performance of non-Dolby Vision content.

Can I use the Sony X900H or X900F for gaming?

Yes, both the Sony X900H and X900F are great options for gaming. They both have low input lag, which means that there is minimal delay between when you press a button on your controller and when the action happens on the screen. This is important for gaming, as it can make the difference between winning and losing. Additionally, both TVs have a Game Mode that can help to reduce input lag even further. The X900H supports 4K gaming at up to 120Hz, while the X900F supports 4K gaming at up to 60Hz.


Now that you all know the basic similarities and differences between The Sony X900H and Sony X900F Smart TVs, you may be better able to judge your need and make the purchase accordingly.

But still, if you find yourself perplexed at making the right decision, let me make a friendly suggestion. I would say that you must go for the Sony X900F Smart TV.

It gives all the good features of the Sony X900H and much more. Besides, it is much cheaper than the other one.

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