8 Inch 16×10 Display vs 8 Inch 4×3 Display – Exploring Aspect Ratios

8 Inch 16x10 Display vs 8 Inch 4x3 Display

In the world of displays, the aspect ratio is a critical factor that can influence your viewing experience. When discussing 80-inch displays, 16×10 and 4×3 are prominent contenders. But how do these distinct aspect ratios stack up against each other? Let’s embark on an exploration to explain the virtues and drawbacks of each! The Basics … Read more

42 Inch 16×9 Display vs 50 Inch 16×9 Display – Ultimate Comparison

42 Inch 16x9 Display vs 50 Inch 16x9 Display

Choosing the right display can be a challenging endeavor, especially when you’re staring at rows of models with almost identical features. It’s like you’re lost in a sea of screens! Today, we’re going to narrow it down and focus on the 42-inch and 50-inch 16×9 displays. So, grab some popcorn as we will discuss the … Read more

Top 12 TVs For A Bright Room 2023 – With Anti Glare Screen

TV For A Bright Room

As a TV fan and someone who works at Gawvi, I know how hard it is to watch TV in a bright room. It’s like trying to see through a sunny window! So, I bought a TV with a special screen that cuts out glare and shows pictures clearly from any angle. Trust me, it’s … Read more

15 Best TVs With Bluetooth Technology 2023 – Get Connected

Best TVs With Bluetooth Technology

I often find myself needing to connect my phone to my TV. This is usually for tasks such as streaming music or videos. This experience made me realize the convenience of having interconnected devices in my home. I remember the time I spent online, reading reviews to find the best devices to modernize my home. … Read more

How to Clean Fingerprints off a TV Screen – Safe and Efficient

tips for cleaning Fingerprints off a TV Screen

Watching the TV through layers of dust and fingerprints can often prove to be a very bothersome experience. If this happens to you, it is likely that your kids are touching the screen or you forgot to clean off the dust. Whatever the case may be, we are going to give you some useful tips … Read more

How to Record TV Shows Without a DVR – 6 Easy Methods

Easy Methods to Record TV Shows Without a DVR

You certainly found yourself in a situation where you could not catch up with your favorite TV show due to chores and other things you need to do throughout the day. Luckily technology has advanced, and there are many methods that will allow you to watch the show afterward. In this article, we will talk … Read more