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7 Best Outdoor TV Covers for Weatherproof Protection 2024 – Rain, No Problem

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Waterproof Protection for Outside TV

Over the years, I’ve come to realize the importance of protecting valuable electronics, especially when they’re exposed to the unpredictable outdoors.

As someone deeply entrenched in the world of outdoor entertainment systems, I’ve seen firsthand the damage that weather elements can inflict on outdoor TVs. Rain, dust, snow, or even the scorching sun can significantly reduce the lifespan of your television. But, with the right protection, these concerns can be mitigated.

Having tested and reviewed countless products in this niche, I’m here to guide you through the best outdoor TV covers that offer top-notch weatherproof protection.

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1. TV Cover Store 32″ Outdoor

TV Cover Store 32″ Outdoor

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Let’s start with one of the very first outdoor TV covers to appear on the scene. With a name like TV Cover Store, it’s obvious what this thriving business deals in. Today, the company offers a diverse range of TV covers and other accessories.

I love what this company offers generally, but this is their standout product.

The thick and heavy material used to build the TV Cover Store 32′′ Outdoor TV Cover. This ensures that it remains firmly in place at all times. The cover is held in place with a zipper closure, while there is also a dust cover that is secured by Velcro.

This stuff, on the other hand, does a lot more than just keep dust at bay. UV rays are prevented by the heavy-duty material, which prevents your device from fading or becoming brittle. Rain, snow, strong winds, and mildew are all protected by the cover.

Very likely, this mighty model comes complete with a comprehensive three-year warranty. It’s available in a wide range of sizes that are designed to fit all types. You can also pick from light gray, light beige, and classic black.

Feature Specification
Brand TV Cover Store
Compatible Devices Television
Screen Size 32 Inches
Screen Surface Description Matte
Package Type Standard Packaging
Number of Items 1
  • Three-year warranty
  • Available in nine sizes
  • Marine-grade canvas material
  • Zipper closure
  • Velcro secured dust flap
  • Inconveniently placed pocket

2. Clicks Outdoor Cover 52″ – 55″

Clicks Outdoor Cover 52″ – 55″

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Installing a TV outside is often a challenge. Even if your TV is covered by a roof, a sudden gusty rain storm could trigger it to fail. This is no longer a issue if you have the Clicks Outdoor TV Cover 52′′ – 55′′.

This model’s seams have been double stitched to improve their strength. As a result, it will be able to endure a great deal of wear and tear. And if there is a heavy storm, the wind and rain would not be capable of penetrating the cover.

The waterproof exterior material protects the television from rain and snow. It also aids in the prevention of dust, dirt, and debris. The fabric reflects sunlight, keeps your device cool, and keeps the screen from fading.

The inside of the cover is lined with soft material to avoid scratching on your screen. The cover also has a special pocket for keeping a remote control. It is available in nine different sizes, making it suitable for a wide variety.

You can find installing one of these a bit difficult. However, you are given a complete set of guidelines to get you through the process. You should be certain that the cover will stay securely in place until it has been installed.

Feature Specification
Brand Clicks Depot
Material 600D Oxford Cloth
Product Dimensions 38″L x 24″W
Finish Type Matte
Unit Count 1 Count
Screen Size Compatibility 63 Inches
  • Suitable for double-wall mounts
  • Soft interior fabric
  • Rainproof design
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Remote control pocket
  • Can be tricky to put on

3. acoveritt A1Cover Outdoor 40″-43″ acoveritt A1Cover Outdoor 40″-43″ 

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This outdoor TV cover stands out from the crowd due to its innovative style. The Acoveritt A1Cover Outdoor 40′′-43′′ TV Set Cover has a few standout features that elevate it to the next level. This includes a dedicated pocket for your remote control, as well as a handy flap to protect and cover your cables.

You can be confident that this TV cover is strong and long-lasting. The 400D heavy-duty polyester construction is designed to withstand all forms of weather. It is also coated with a dense waterproof coating that repels water efficiently.

The cover conveniently fits over your device and can be installed in a matter of minutes. It has a soft inner coating that will not crack or otherwise harm the television screen. This one also comes with a two-year warranty as an extra bonus.

This smart TV cover comes in two colours: black and tan. Since it absorbs the heat, the black variety is not suitable for use in direct sunlight. The tan version, on the other side, can be subjected to sunlight on a regular basis.

Feature Specification
Size Compatibility Fits most 40″ -43″ sets
Material Polyester with Artificial cotton liner
Color Dark Gray
Dimensions (LxWxH) 39 x 24 x 0.5 inches
Water Resistance Level Waterproof
  • Two-year warranty
  • Remote control pocket
  • Cable storage
  • Soft and protective liner
  • 400D heavy-duty polyester
  • Waterproof coating
  • Not compatible with all TV mounts


4. Storm Shell SS-55 Outdoor

Storm Shell SS-55 Outdoor

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If you need reliable protection against extreme weather, this model is equal to the challenge. The Storm Shell SS-55 Outdoor Enclosure has a strong and durable build. The tough casing can easily withstand intense sun, wind, rain, dust, dirt, as well as other factors.

When you want to watch TV, just cut the front part of the enclosure. The rest will remain attached to your television to help secure it. This serves to deflect the sun’s rays and reduces glare when watching.

This TV enclosure is also tamper-resistant in design. This stops people from opening the case and removing the television while you are not present. This is useful if you have the device mounted in an outdoor area and may be out for an extended period.

Feature Specification
Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
TV Size Compatibility 55 Inches
Color Black
Protection Features Waterproof, Impact Resistant, UV resistant
Additional Feature Front Cover is fully removable
Mounting Wall Mount Bracket is built from solid
  • Two-piece hard shell ABS plastic
  • Heavy gauge steel mounting bracket
  • Available in two sizes
  • Removable front cover
  • Protects against water, impact, and UV rays
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Rather tricky to assemble


5. iBirdie Outdoor Waterproof and Weatherproof

iBirdie Outdoor Waterproof and Weatherproof

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Many of us have difficulty keeping track of the TV remote control. This can be especially difficult if you haven’t used the device in a long time. The iBirdie Outdoor Waterproof and Weatherproof TV Cover, fortunately, solves this problem by incorporating a remote control pocket in the design.

This model, as the name suggests, is absolutely waterproof. It is made of 100 percent woven 300 denier polyester fabric that is coated with acrylic. This composite also provides resistance to dust, dirt, and strong winds.

Velcro is used to keep this model firmly in place. The bracket flaps are able to adapt and can accommodate just about any type of mounting bracket. You can also choose from five different sizes for the cover.

The installation process was quick and convenient. The anti-fray lock stitching also contributes to the overall quality of the design. This model even has a soft lining to keep the TV screen from getting scratched.

It should be noticed, however, that this TV cover is only available in black. If exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time, this material can become quite hot. As a result, it’s safer to stop using the cover if your TV is in a sun-exposed place.

Feature Specification
Material Polyester
Color Black
Item Dimensions LxWxH 3.54 x 2.76 inches
Water Resistance Level Waterproof
Product Dimension 55 inches (52W x 31H x 5.5D inches)
UV Protection & Heat Reflect Yes
  • Soft interior lining
  • Durable woven 300 denier polyester
  • Remote control pocket
  • Anti-fray lock stitching
  • Single or double wall mount
  • Not ideal for direct sunlight


Why Should You Buy One of These?

An outdoor TV cover can be incredibly beneficial to your lifestyle, particularly if you want to have your device outside the house. Traditionally, TV sets were intended to be kept indoors. However, thanks to technological innovations, we have seen the advent of outdoor televisions that can effectively battle harsh conditions. However, they are very expensive, and not everyone wants to break the bank just to buy a TV.

This is where the outside TV cover plays a great role. While it does not magically transform your regular device into an outdoor device, it does provide a great deal of protection if you intend to put it in an open space. When you want to add this cover to your device, you help it last longer and save cash on maintenance.

There is no complication, and this equipment will never mess with your viewing experience. TVs are becoming more advanced over time, and cover designs are evolving in turn.

Investing in an outdoor TV cover will alleviate all of your concerns while still keeping your budget in check. It will have all-year protection, allowing you to enjoy the big screen in the lap of nature, whether it be in your garden or on your patio.

Buying Guide

If you assumed that all outdoor TV covers were created equal, it’s time to rethink. Also, top-of-the-line models differ greatly in materials, durability, and overall quality. Keeping the following considerations in mind will assist you in finding the best outdoor TV cover for your requirements.

Use of the TV Cover

Size Matters

First and foremost, ensure that your TV cover is big enough to hold your TV. Although a cover that is too small will not fit, a cover that is too wide will enable moisture to reach. Most versions will define the number of television for which they are compatible.

It is also important to ensure that the TV cover is compatible with your television mount. Some versions are made to work with either single or double mounts. Choosing a cover with a universal fit can help to eliminate errors and improve versatility.

Type of Protection

If your TV is in a position where it will be exposed to the sun, a UV-resistant cover is essential. Top-of-the-line  covers can also hide your device from dust, dirt, and debris. The TV cover should ideally be waterproof for the best protection.

The Lining

The last thing you want is for the TV cover material to scratch your TV screen. As a result, the cover may have a soft lining.

Ease of Installation

Some models are clamped with such a zipper or Velcro, making them quick and simple to bring on. Hardshell covers usually provide a mounting bracket that must be manually installed. Before starting the installation process, ensure that you have all of the appropriate hardware.

Optional Extras

Outdoor TV Cover

Some models have remote control pockets built into the design, while others have cable organizers. Big and durable handles are important when looking for a case to carry your TV in.


If you’ve found the perfect outdoor TV cover, you’ll want it to last as long as possible. Top-of-the-line models should have a warranty. The length of the warranty is a good indication of how long you can expect the cover to last.


I am getting a smaller outdoor TV. Can I use my old cover that fit a larger TV?

An outdoor TV cover that is designed for a larger TV may not fit snugly on a smaller TV, leaving gaps or excess material that can allow dust, moisture, or other hazards to get inside the cover and damage your TV. Additionally, a loose-fitting cover may not provide adequate protection against wind, rain, or other outdoor elements.

Can I use an outdoor TV cover indoors?

Outdoor TV Cover

Yes, you can use an outdoor TV cover indoors. Outdoor covers are designed to protect devices from the elements, such as rain, sun, and wind. They are typically made of durable, weather-resistant materials like polyester or vinyl and have features like UV protection and moisture resistance. While these features can be beneficial for outdoor use, they may not be necessary for indoor use.

I am power washing my house. Will my outdoor TV cover hold up to it?

Even though outdoor TV covers are designed to protect against rain and sometimes snow, the sheer force of a pressure washer could break the TV screen or cause it to move around and bump against hard surfaces. It’s strongly recommended that you remove your outdoor TV if you expect to do this or perform any similar treatment on your home’s exterior.

Can I use my TV while it’s covered?

No, outdoor TV covers are designed for protection when the TV is not in use. You’ll need to remove the cover to watch your TV.

Do outdoor TV covers protect against UV rays?

Many high-quality outdoor TV covers come with UV protection to prevent your TV screen and casing from fading or getting damaged due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.


In my extensive experience with outdoor entertainment systems, I’ve learned that while investing in a high-quality outdoor TV is essential, safeguarding that investment is equally crucial. The right TV cover can make all the difference, ensuring your television remains in pristine condition, regardless of the weather conditions.

As you venture into enhancing your outdoor entertainment space, remember that protection is paramount. With the right outdoor TV cover, you can enjoy countless hours of entertainment without the constant worry about the elements. Choose wisely, and your outdoor device will thank you for years to come.

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